Where have you been all our life?!

How do we feel when members don’t open our emails?

It looks a bit like this…

So then we do this…

But don’t worry – there’s a way to avoid the heartbreak.

Technology is often getting in the way of romance these days – no matter what you use…

If it’s Gmail

If you haven’t yet discovered the meaning and mystery behind those tabs at the top of your inbox, click here to read a bit more about what they are. Or if you prefer a nice video, try this:

Basically, you want to make sure our emails are ending up in the ‘Primary’ tab, so you see them all the time!

There are a two ways to do this:

1. Next time you receive an email from us (like the one that lead you to this page!) just click on it, and drag and drop it into the ‘Primary’ tab. Gmail will then ask you if you want all emails from this address to go to this tab from now on. Say yes!

2. Add us to your address book – click here for some très simple instructions from Google.

For Yahoo users

The biggest issue Yahoo email users will have is ensuring their important emails don’t get marked as spam!

About.com has some génial instructions for making sure their most prized messages stay in their inbox: click here to read.

In Outlook

Outlook makes it even trickier – but oh the reward will be all the greater when you get there! In Outlook, you’ll need to ‘Whitelist’ a sender. Just follow these fantastique instructions on About.com and you’ll be there in no time: click here to get started.

Using Hotmail?

Easy peasy! We just need to make sure MyFrenchLife isn’t being marked as spam. Click here to read About.com’s expert guide.

Do you use another email client?

As a general rule adding an email address to your address book should make sure it doesn’t go into spam. What you could do right now is go back to the email that led you to this page, and add that email to your contacts list. If you see any messages from us in your spam folder – be sure to select ‘Mark as not spam’!

Now that we’ve saved our relationship…

Why not grab a coffee or glass of wine with us soon? Or is that too keen? We don’t know. We just really like having you around…

Click here to go on a date with MyFrenchLife – right now.

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