What’s on in Paris this May?

Daisy Naylor - 29.04.2014 - www.MyFrenchLife.orgThere’s something about Paris in the springtime that just makes it impossible to resist, and May in Paris is perfect.

We don’t know if it’s the fresh warm weather, the omnipresent blossom, or even just a feeling in the air, but the streets feel full of joy and optimism.

La ville-lumière has never been lighter, making May our favourite month for a Parisian holiday. And, as always in Paris, there’s an abundance of exhibitions that we can’t wait for…

Papier Glacé

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What? An exhibition looking at the photographical archives of fashion publisher Condé Nast.

Why should I go? This looks at nearly one hundred years of photographs froma number of famous fashion photographers, giving a comprehensive introduction to this influential and lucrative business.

The photographs will be displayed alongside a number of haute couture garments, as well as some of the most famous and fabulous features taken from Condé Nast publications.

When? The exhibition has already started, and will not end until 25 May.

Papier Glacé
Musée Galliera
1 March – 25 May 2014
Métro: Alma-Marceau

Tatoueurs, tatoués

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What? An exhibition that will change the way you look at tattoos, ‘Tatoueurs, tatoués’ looks at the history and culture of tattoos from across the world.

Why should I go? This promises to be incredibly interesting. Tattoos can be mystical, religious, ritualistic, infamous, criminal, fashionable, exploitative, or even a circus attraction.

This exhibition will explore all this, plus the cultural phenomenon, anthropological roots and contemporary history of tattoos. You’ll be looking at tattoos under a new light…

When? This starts on 6 May.

Tatoueurs, tatoués
Musée du Quai Branly
6 May – 25 October 2014
Métro: Alma-Marceau

Star Wars Identities

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What? This exhibition takes a closer look into the various characters from the six Star Wars films.

Why should I go? Even if you can’t stand sci-fi, this is looking to be the most fun exhibition we’ve seen in a while. And if you do like sci-fi (or have Star Wars fans in your family), this is an incredible opportunity.

Displayed are over 200 original costumes and props, but it’s the interactive aspect to Star Wars Identities that is really generating the hype. Your kids will be talking about this one for months, and chances are, you will too.

When? Until the end of June.

Star Wars Identities
La Cité du Cinéma
15 February – 30 June 2014
Métro: Carrefour Pleyel

Craft Beer Week

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What? A first for Paris, Craft Beer Week is fairly self-explanatory…

Why should I go? This week celebrates artisanal beer, and includes more than 50 events, across a variety of locations (bars, breweries, independent beer stores etc.).

Although France is famous for its wine, the craft beer scene is up and coming, and this is the ideal opportunity to get involved. And with public tastings, debates and beer-fuelled parties all planned, there are plenty of excuses to try some artisanal French beer…

When? The last week of May – from 24 May – 1 June.

Paris Beer Week
Various locations.

Jazz Festival

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What? A week-long jazz festival taking place in Saint Germain-des-Prés.

Why should I go? It’s a great opportunity to get off the tourist track, and immerse yourself amongst the locals of Paris. Plus, Saint-Germain-des-Prés is widely considered as one the jazz capitals of Europe, and so the music is sure to be exceptional.

This festival will offer you the chance to experience the work of some international artists, in some truly beautiful Parisian venues.

When? From 15 – 25 May.

Jazz Festival
Various locations.

 Which events are you looking forward to? What other events would you recommend in May in Paris? Let us know in the comment box below!

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