La vie de stagiaire: my internship at MyFrenchLife

I came across MyFrenchLife™ after one of my French lecturers at university sent out an email alerting us to the publication and suggesting we get involved.

So I sent an email off to Judy and the rest is history…

Not coming from a French background, I wanted a way to immerse myself in the language and culture that tied in with my passion for media and communications. Keeping a hold on the language after finishing my French major was another goal so MyFrenchLife™ and I were a match made in heaven!

After discussing my goals with the team, I was made a personalised program to ensure I got the most out of the internship.

What was my role at MyFrenchLife™?

I did a bit of everything in my role, which included admin, editing, formatting and publishing. I was based in the Melbourne office, where I got to work side by side with Judy and Hannah twice a week. Aside from that, I made some great friends and now possess invaluable knowledge that you don’t learn in the classroom. We worked hard, but had fun whilst doing it.

Working with a small team and seeing your hard work realised at the end of the day is both really rewarding and exciting. I was able to combine two of my interests and share amazing content to a large audience.

“After discussing my goals with the team, I was made a personalised program to ensure I got the most out of the internship.”

Why do I suggest taking on an internship?

As a student, I knew I needed to undertake internships in order to stand out in the job hunt. I also knew that this was a way of dipping a toe in the water, before committing to the big jump to full time employment. I hope with the on-the-job skills I have learnt from MyFrenchLife™, I can receive graduate employment, with an edge over the other applicants. One day, I wish to gain a position for a large media organisation, which hopefully will take me all around the world, reporting on breaking news.

The internship far exceeded my expectations. Usually when you think of internships, you immediately think of making coffees for everybody and not doing anything of real merit, but that couldn’t be further from the truth at MyFrenchLife™ (well, I did make the coffees but it was voluntary, I am a self-proclaimed master barista after all!). I was given responsibility and projects to run with, and I was made to feel like an integral member of the team. It really opened my eyes to the background happenings of an online publication, and I loved every minute of it.

Thanks MyFrenchLife™ for the wonderful opportunity! I’ve had a great time and I will take everything I’ve learnt onwards and upwards.

NOTE: The author of this article –  a former intern from 2013/14 has chosen to deactivate her MyFrenchLife account due to her career.

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