The insider’s guide to eating out in Paris: 4 ‘must-know’ industry hangouts

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When it comes to drinking and eating out in Paris we love to be in-the-know! And, when it comes to food and wine, we can never go past a recommendation from our partner, Wendy Lyn: the insider’s insider.

Come with us as we go to three of the best industry hangouts in Paris: where you’ll be sure to find those in the know about food, any night of the week. Leave space on your Paris to-do list for Le Servan, Clown Bar, Pierre Sang on rue Gambey and Chez l’ami Jean.

Bon appétit !

Le Servan

“Sisters Tatiana (L’Arpege & L’Astrance) and Katia Levha have transformed a gritty 11th arrondissement coffee bar into a pretty new bistro, bustling with cheerful food industry folks who are crossing town for Tatiana’s Philippine infused menus & Katia’s natural wine list.” Read more here.

MyFrenchLife™ - © Wendy Lyn - eating out in Paris

The Dish to Get: Harissa-Butter Lieu Fish
The Scene: Buzzing with people who all know each other, Lively
The Look: Minimalist Art Deco
Who Goes: Wine Growers, Locals, Food & Wine Journalists, Natural Wine Geeks, Food Industry
Reservation Policy: Call for a reservation
The Soundtrack: You can’t hear the music, there are so many people talking & laughing under high ceilings
Insider Tip: Solo diners can request the bar. There are both tables and banquettes for groups of 4, if you prefer one over another

Tuesday – Saturday, Lunch & Dinner
01 55 28 51 82
32 rue Chemin Vert, 11th arr, right bank
Nearest Metro: Voltaire (2), Pere Lachaise (9)

Clown bar

“New owners Sven Chartier and Ewen Lemoigne (Saturne Restaurant) have given the historic Clown Bar in the 11th arrondissement a facelift – and created a convivial all-day bistro filled with natural wine and a modern creative menu.” Read more here.

MyFrenchLife™ - © Wendy Lyn - eating out in Paris

The Dish to Get: Fried bulot snails w/spicy mayo, Gnocchi w/crushed hazelnut butter, Duck en Croute, Bonita w/Horseradish
The Scene: Lively Lunches & Evenings
The Look: Retro Paris
Who Goes: Natural Wine Geeks, Wine Growers, Paris Food Industry
Social Media: Facebook
The Soundtrack: Cool iTunes Tracks
Insider Tip: Reserve a place on the sunny terrace in warm weather

Wed – Sun: 8:00 am – 2:00 am
01 43 55 87 35
114 Rue Amelot, 11th arr, Right Bank
Nearest Metro:  Filles du Calvaire (8)

On Rue Gambey

“Korean-French Chef Pierre Sang’s fun new restaurant serving modern and soulful tasting menus in an urban wine shop setting.” Read more here.

MyFrenchLife™ - © Wendy Lyn - eating out in Paris - on rue gamey

The Dish to Get: Kimchi
The Scene: Lively, Good Vibes
The Look: Former printing shop with exposed brick and metal
Who Goes: Foodies, Paris Chefs, 20 somethings to 60 somethings
Social Media: Facebook
Reservation Policy: No Reservations
The Soundtrack: Custom iTunes Playlist, Funk, Rock & Soul
Insider Tip: For private groups/parties, book the table upstairs if possible
If You Cannot Get In, Try: Frenchie Wine Bar

Dinner 7pm – 11:30pm Tuesday – Saturday
No Telephone
6, rue Gambey, 11th arr, Right Bank
Nearest Metro: Parmentier (3), Oberkampf (5)

Chez l’ami Jean

Stephane Jego is serving modern & classic bistro fare in take no-prisoners portions to a diverse rock and roll crowd – and it is not for the faint of heart. I’m not kidding, this place comes with a warning label: Jego’s mission is to feed you like nobody’s business. If you think there can never be too much butter in pureed potatoes, then this is your kind of place.” Read more here.

MyFrenchLife™ - © Wendy Lyn - eating out in Paris

The Dish to Get: Anything foie gras, mushrooms & wild game
The Scene: Boisterous, Lively, Busy
The Look: Brick, Zinc Bar, Cartoon Wall Murals
Who Goes: Food Industry, Serious Foodies, Locals
Social Media: Facebook
Reservation Policy: Call well in advance at least 2-3 weeks
The Soundtrack: Chef yelling out from the kitchen, animated conversation
Insider Tip: STOP! If you are on a diet or strict vegetarian, this is not for you. Gut busting portions. Sending back plates half finished to the kitchen, a serious offense!
If You Cannot Get In, Try: Les Papilles, Le Comptoir, Cantine de la Troquet

Open for lunch and dinner Tues-Sat
27 rue Malar, Left Bank
Nearest Metro:  La Tour Maubourg (8) 

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