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Where to eat in Paris I’m asked all the time. It’s all about being in the know. Never waste a meal when in Paris! For foodies we know it’s also important to have ‘le buzz’ – the gossip from behind the scenes.

That’s why we’ve started this mini series ‘le buzz’ to provide you with social snippets from those in the know talking about what’s new, what’s cool, what’s hot and what you just MUST know.

These are easily digestible snippets to keep you up-to-date and to prepare for your next trip to Paris. Le buzz will complement the ‘Celebrity chef’ series and the ‘Industry hang-out’ series.

Now you know where to eat in Paris, who’ll be in the kitchen when you’re there and who you’re likely to be sitting next to!

Stay up to date and in the know with ‘le buzz’.

Where to eat in Paris & never waste a meal – stay in-the-know with ‘le buzz’

Paris insider and professional foodie Wendy Lyn seldom stops working and socialising with the restaurant industry innovators and experts in Paris.

We follow her vicariously and try to keep up. Stay in-the-know with us too.

Alors, quoi de neuf this month?

Wendy’s friend Alvaro will show you a unique perspective on wine at his recently-opened natural wine shop – a must-visit the next time you’re in Paris.


Must-eat Paris

Wendy loves the collaboration between chef Marc Cordonnier and Louis Langevin! With sophisticated tasting lunch menus (only 25€!) and lively tapas evenings with natural wine, what’s not to love?


Attention-grabbing gastronomy at Septime

This exquisite dish at Septime has captured attention – and rightly so. From well-known chef, Bertran Grebraut, his pink grapefuit with scallops is sure to be a hit.

Where to eat in Paris? Do you have any other suggestions to share? Share and comment in the box below.

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