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IMPORTANT Women in France today

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Suggested name/s Important women in France today

Politics & Government:

  1. Martine Aubry – member of Socialist party in France – ran against Hollande in 2012 – is now Mayor of Lille
  2. Natalie Kosciusko-Morizet – a member of the Republican party in France
  3. Dominique Herald Dubreuil – from the Rémy Martin family
  4. Marine le Pen – President of the National Front (FN), a national conservative political party in France
  5. Anne Hidalgo – Mayor of Paris – first female Mayor
  6. Christiane Taubira – Former Justice Minister
  7. Valérie Pécresse – President of the region Ile de France
  8. Eva Joy – French politics, born Norway
  9. Simone Veil – President of the European Parliament and member of the Constitutional Council of France
  10. Christine Lagarde  – President of the IMF

Arts & Culture:

  1. Catherine Deneuve – actor occasional singer, model & producer
  2. Marion Cotillard – actor, singer, songwriter
  3. Juliette Binoche – actor, dancer, artist
  4. Françoise Gilot – French painter, critic, and bestselling author
  5. Elisabeth Badinter – French businesswoman, author and academic – largest shareholder of Publicis Groupe


  1. Anne Sinclair – American-born French journalist
  2. Léa Salamé – French-Lebanese journalist
  3. Natacha Polony – journalist and essayist

Fashion & Design:

  1. Agnès B – fashion


  1. Anne-Sophie Pic – famous female French chef – Micheline stars

Multi-generational traditional Brands:

  1. Agnès and Françoise Costa – granddaughters of the founder of the perfume house

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