Paris insight: ‘Poise’

Paris is a city of so many stories: historic, red-letter events and intimate personal occasions. They’re woven together in the fabric of the city of light. In this new series, you’re invited to indulge your curiosity with a spot of virtual people-watching and creative insight into the lives of Parisians.

Join us to discover the candid, quiet and sometimes comedic moments of everyday humanity in Paris.
See how the daily grind takes on an intriguingly beautiful quality against the backdrop of the beloved capital.

Thanks to our favourite Parisian Instagram accounts.


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Rue de la Goutte D’Or Barbès, 75018 Paris

Paris insight – ‘Poise’

In the heart of Paris’s Goutte d’Or neighbourhood one is lost in an
enclave of African immigrants who sport garb, serve food
and sell wares more frequently spotted on the Dark
Continent than in the City of Light. On the outskirts
of the quarter, the colorful diaspora disperses into
the French capital in a swirling mix of cultures and
eras that can shock the senses.

Here a poised woman in a striking outfit matches
with dignity through the common detritus of a
heavily-trafficked street at day’s end.
It cannot diminish her, she brightens it.


Poise – Meet Kevin Doolan from @midlifeinparis Instagram – merci mille fois!

Parisian insights:
Street photography from our favourite Parisian Instagram accounts accompanied by observations of people & places in the city of light.

Do you relate to this fusion of image & insight in Paris? In what way? Let us know in the comments!

 Image credits:
1. Poise by Kevin Doolan. Via Instagram.

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