Montpellier health & wellbeing guide: is it all about balance?

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Montpellier is an exciting city in the South of France and an excellent location from where to explore Provence, the Camargue and many other beautiful areas. With a population of almost 300,000, Montpellier has no shortage of things to do, from fun museums to tempting restaurants and cobbled streets, as well as healthy pursuits.

This vibrant sun-kissed southern French city has been the fastest growing over the past half a century, more than doubling in size. Located between the mountains and the Mediterranean, in the region, now called Occitanie, Montpellier is renowned for its superb local wine and food, especially its seafood dishes.

This Guide features suggestions on how to achieve that oft-elusive so-called ‘life balance’. We help you discover how to look after yourself even after all your sight-seeing, battling through the crowds of people in Place de la Comedie and after indulging in a few glasses of the local Colombari or Merlot.

Montpellier – Mind, body & soul respites: 5 favourites 

1. Hot Yoga Montpellier

Naomi and the team at Hot Yoga Montpellier specialise in Bikram Yoga – a class held in a room heated to 40 degrees.

Bikram yoga strengthens the cardiovascular system and flushes toxins from the body through sweat.

Classes are available for adults, children and expectant mothers, so there is certainly something for everyone to try!

Hot Yoga Montpellier
6 bis rue Frédéric Bazille,
Montpellier 34000

2. The Yogi In Me

The ‘Yogi in Me’ team of highly experienced teachers offer various styles of yoga six days a week and will guide you to master your movements.

After a session of yoga, why not benefit from the range of holistic treatments available at the two studios.

The Yogi In Me
54 rue Estelle
Montpellier 34000 (quartier Laissac / Jeu de Paume )
24 rue Émile Combes
Castelnau Le Les 34170

MyFrenchLife™ - - Montpellier health and wellbeing - Yoga in me studio

3. Hippocrates

If you fancy something a little less active, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day exploring the city. Centrally located, you will be in your own peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle whilst enjoying a hot stone treatment or maybe even a traditional Swedish massage.

1 Rue du Clos René
Montpellier 34000

4. Biotiful

Located in the historic centre, this boutique sells a range of organic and various naturally sourced products, for your health and well-being in Montpellier.

41, Rue Saint Guilhem 
Montpellier 34000

5. Dans les yeux de Gaia

Founder Bruno had the desire to create a haven of peace and relaxation to forget the daily stress and that is certainly what you will find stepping through the doors of his boutique. Delve into the collection of stones, believed to help the body’s harmony and well-being, not forgetting the array of essential oils and reading material.

Dans les yeux de Gaia
16 rue de l’Université
Montpellier 34000

MyFrenchLife™ - - Montpellier health and wellbeing - Yeux de Gaia shop

Delicious nourishing food in Montpellier: 4 favourites

Montpellier is home to numerous cafes where you can find delicious and healthy food. The trick, of course, is how to know what’s good and where to find the best of these places. Here we share four of our favourites for your Montpellier list.

1. Joy Healthy Food

MyFrenchLife™ - - Montpellier health and wellbeing - Sunday Brunch at Joy Yoga
The Joy Healthy Food cafe offers everything from a juice bar to a range of vegetarian & vegan dishes free from lactose and gluten.

Their brunch is a Sunday speciality from 11am-1.30pm, not to be missed!

The team also run regular cooking workshops as well as the option to order weekly food boxes which include new recipes to try out.

Joy Healthy Food
55 rue Estelle
Montpellier 34000

2. L’essentiel

Dedicated to providing ethical and responsibly sourced food, L’essentiel serves up a range of raw food and vegan based dishes.

The restaurant even has its own ‘infusion bar’ offering a chance to try out the benefits of over 30 different tasting plant drinks.

If delving into your inner self is your thing, don’t forget to look out for the various meditation workshops available.

5 Rue de la Fontaine,
Montpellier, 34000

3. Hybride Cafe

A recent addition to the Montpellier cafe scene, Hybride not only offers a range of gluten free sweet treats and superfood smoothies but is also a concept store selling a little bit of everything.

So, after finishing your smoothie head over to the shop side where you can pick up some new lingerie or even a lamp!

Hybride Cafe
12 boulevard du Jeu de Paume
Montpellier 34000

MyFrenchLife™ - - Montpellier health and wellbeing - Sweet treats at La Coutinelle

4. La Coutinelle

MyFrenchLife™ - - Montpellier health and wellbeing - Gluten free beersFinding an eatery which is entirely gluten free whilst travelling can be an important part of the research for celiac sufferers, however, this gem is the ideal place for a Montpellier city guide.

This entirely gluten-free eatery stocks all things suitable for celiac, not forgetting the collection of gluten-free beers!

La Coutinelle
25 rue de l’Université
Montpellier 34000


Montpellier: star of the Occitanie region

And finally but importantly we refer you to our comprehensive guide to this extensive and wonderful region.

The savvy traveller’s guide to France – Occitanie region’ will enable you to discover more about the Occitanie region including Toulouse and Montpellier. what you must do and see, as well as, where to stay and where to eat, and a selection of unique Occitanie experiences – it’s a must read

Create your list of what you must do and see, as well as, where to stay and where to eat, plus a selection of unique artisan Occitanie experiences – this is a must-read guide!

Have you ever visited Montpellier? Do you have any suggestions to add to our guide? Share your thoughts & experiences with us in the comments below.

Image Credits:

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  3. Bruno’s boutique by Dans les yeaux de Gaia
  4. Sunday brunch by Joy Yoga
  5. Raw food by L’essential
  6. Gluten free beers by La Coutinelle

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