French shoes: do we all have a Shoe Fetish? #shoefetish

Shoes… Is it France’s obsession with shoes? Or is it our obsession with French shoes?

The Marche Et Démarche Exhibition: a history of shoes – at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre this Winter of 2019 through to 23 February 2020 – proves that we all love shoes!

I mean who goes to the Louvre to see shoes???

Well, obviously a lot of people or why put the exhibition on?

#shoefetish – sex and shoes!

Many, it seems have a #shoefetish.

Definition of ‘Fetish’: fe·?tish | \ ?fe-tish –  an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion

Shoe fetish… also known as Retifism… is actually named after a French novelist, Nicolas Edme-Retif (1734-1806) has erotic connotations to it of course. Yet women’s shoes are notoriously marketed as “sexy”.

So what is our obsession with shoes… especially French branded shoes?

High heels aren’t particularly comfortable [understatement] but they make our legs look fabulous! They squash our toes but we will go to get a pedicure or go to a podiatrist to make sure we can still wear them!

Anyone here have a #shoefetish?

I have quite a few responses to share with you from our #shoefetish discussion in the Private MyFrenchLife – MaVieFrancaise Facebook Group. Were you part of that discussion? If not you can join us there for future chats.

The question posed was “Anyone here have a shoe fetish?” and the Community went mad!

The responses were very interesting and I think they show that whilst we love high heels, we love our comfort as well. Now to quote some of our members…

Tari Salotti Black says: “I only wear high heels to attend black tie events and the such”, “Whenever I am in Paris I call them A to B shoes.. from the car to the event.”

Anne Beckinsale shared that she was sad to cull her “totter shoes” after many years of standing in front of a class, though she does say her family calls her Imelda because of her passion for shoes and handbags!

Surely we can all relate to that? Who doesn’t love a good pair of shoes and a fabulous handbag?

Sharon Eli Grillett and Dawn Beame are two people still wearing heels.

  • Sharon says: ”love heels”
  • Dawn says ”kept some to teeter to a friends house on the arm of my husband for dinner”

Alisa Bearov-Landrum says “I always wear heels but stop at 3 inches.”

She, as I do, find it interesting that “we never see Louboutins on anyone’s feet in Paris.”

Maree Anne Pierrehumbert is in her 60’s and still wears heels every day. She even walked Paris and Montmartre in 3-inch heels!

Quite a feat.. (feet) I say!

Terry Cagle shares that “I generally buy my shoes at Printemps”. That’s interesting as my friend sells her shoes there! (Deuxieme Studios)

Grahame Elliott shared his male perspective on the Louboutins…”bloody awful to put it frankly – even for a New Years Eve party. And the red underneath is old hat”

I am not sure that Graeme understands that red is their signature but I do like to hear from men in regards to what we chase as the Holy Grail of shoes!

Anne Ferrer put a photo up of her collection with the statement “sometimes it’s hard to choose which I will wear”

Never a truer word has been spoken! except maybe by Imelda Marcos.

Of the 97 member comments most were – we wear flats more than heels but our love of heels is still there!

Maybe THAT’S why the Louvre has a shoe exhibition?

We ALL have a shoe fetish!



Do you have a #shoefetish? What is your relationship with #French shoes?
Join the conversation below in comments or on twitter @MaVieFrancaise

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