Introducing: Weekday Wandering in Paris with MyFrenchLife Members

I have great pleasure in Introducing a new initiative: Weekday Wandering in Paris with MyFrenchLife Members

Have you been wondering what it will be like to be back in Paris?
Are you feeling frustrated and ‘stuck’ where you are?
Perhaps you’re even starting to plan for your next trip to France.

Well, it’s time to stop wondering and start wandering

There are members living in Paris and others living elsewhere in France. Some members have offered to show us their favourite places in their neighbourhood, village, countryside etc.

[If you are one of the lucky people living in France please get in touch as you may be able to introduce us to your neighbourhood. And don’t be afraid, recorded videos will be accepted if you’re ‘shy’ of appearing. Contact me at and I’ll explain what’s involved. If you own a business in France, this could give your business good exposure and we’re happy to do that for you. We’re all in this together]

Let’s start in Paris

  • Where would we like to go?
  • Would you like to join us LIVE?

We have a couple of Paris-based members who will take us for walks. In particular member, Jaqueline Lucquin Edwards is working with me to get this project launched. Merci Jacqui !
Jacqui and I are practicing at the moment – see the links to the video replays below.

Here is her Notre Dame Weekday wandering #4 – on the 2nd anniversary of the fire! This walk was c. 30 minutes and whilst I enjoyed every minute I feel that 15 minutes may suit more people in future. And here are 2 articles from Jacqui resulting from discoveries made during our walks already: Palais Royal and Notre Dame

Based in Paris, Jacqui is an avid walker, however, due to confinement and schools being closed, the commencement of this project may be a little delayed due to some people being away from Paris… giving us time to practise and prepare though.

These walks are being broadcast LIVE via Facebook directly into our MyFrenchLife Community Private Group on Facebook and they will also be recorded, so you can watch at any time no matter your timezone.

The members leading these wandering walks will in the near future be meeting other members who will show them their favourite haunts, and we the audience will get to learn about these gems as well.
Are you ready for this?

Remember you need to join our Community Private Group

These Weekday Wanderings are being broadcast LIVE to our Private MyFrenchLife Community Group on Facebook. You need to be a member to benefit here is the link to join.

Weekday Wanderings in Paris – Please join us

Already we’ve visited the following locales in Paris –
Here you can view all videos of Wandering in Paris – This list is constantly being updated Binge on Paris!

And now it’s your turn

We’ll have more details to announce soon. (Ask me questions and/or offer support)
If you’re interested in our Weekday Wanderings either to watch and immerse or to participate here is a simple form where you can give us some feedback. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you to you all for your interest and generosity!

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