Creativity Explored: a challenge to you

Recently I issued a ‘Challenge’ to some MyFrenchLife members and I wanted to extend it to YOU:
Do you consider yourself creative?
How do you express your creativity?
Drawing, writing, painting, or … what else.
Let me know
perhaps we can collaborate and develop a project together.

Creativity at daily examples

At we often find ourselves speaking about creativity and daily we exercise our creative spirits.
Personally, I’d shrivel up and die without ongoing opportunities to live creatively.
If you’re interested to read more about previous discussions on this topic here are a few links.

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Creative Parallels:
An interactive challenge where we published the beginning of a story by Jane S. Gabin and
asked members to create their own ending.
Here is the true story which we published last
and linked at the base you’ll find a number of creative options written by members.
Creative parallels: “…and he lives in the 13th” Paris story – Jane S. Gabin – a true story!

Life lessons from French literature:
I find that my most creative moments within the MyFrenchLife context are
when working on content creation with Contributors – and I love it.

This is an ongoing exercise…
and I was reminded the other day about this little series,
which was a combined creative exercise between Jessica Rushton and myself.
Here is the result – 12 lessons from French Literature – a Series:
Life lessons 1 to 3: French Literature – what can we learn?
you can navigate through to the other 3 of the series – 
a total of 12 lessons. 

Creativity Explored: now it’s your turn

Now, it is your turn!

Here are three photos that were taken by members

Here is my
What is your

I encourage you to write me a story – your story
Your story may assume that you took the photo
Or your story may assume that you’re just an onlooker
either way
I’m looking to receive your creative stories
lots of them
Preferably 100- 700 words
and email them to me
EXTRA POINTS for stories based in France!

Creativity Explored #1. —The Story Behind the Photo

1. By the beach by Ron Fox
Copyright reserved by Ron Fox.

send your creative story to me here.

Creativity Explored #2.— The Story Behind the Photo

2. At the cafe in Paris by Michelle Moggio
Copyright reserved by Michelle Moggio

send your creative story to me here.

Creativity Explored #3. The Story Behind the Photo

3. By the front door in Paris by Michelle Moggio
Copyright reserved by Michelle Moggio

send your creative story to me here.

So there we are!
If you have any other creative ideas you’d like to bounce off me now is your chance.
Send me an email at OR
Comment below whichever suits you best.
I wish you all a wonderful and creative week.
And finally a special thank you to photographer members Ron Fox and Michelle Moggio.

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