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Weekday Wanderings in Paris – Please join us

This article is intended to provide you the opportunity to BINGE on PARIS.
Our weekday Wandering is an initiative instigated during the Covid Pandemic where members who reside in France are generously showing other members their favourite parts of Paris. These are casual chatty live videos designed to help members who are yearning to be in France right now and can’t get there!

You can use these videos as welcome reminders of your previous experiences OR you may be introduced to places you didn’t know existed.

Help me thank the members who are overcoming nerves and technology fear to do this for most of us.
We will continue to update this list.  

In the comments section below please let us know where you would like to be taken… And find out how to be invited to the LIVE videos – see below!

BINGE on PARIS continues twice each week!
You’ll find Experience #27 in Bercy Village on 20 July 2021, onward HERE on a new post!

26.14 July 2021 – La Fete Nationale – Bastille Day Flyover and Fireworks – Weekday Wandering in Paris with Jacqui

25. WATCH VIDEO – Weekday Wandering Place de la Bastille with Jacqui – 7 July 2021

24. WATCH VIDEO – Concorde – Weekday Wandering in Paris with Jacqui – Monday 6 July 2021

23. WATCH VIDEO – Musée Carnavalet – Weekday Wandering with Jacqui – Friday 2 July 2021

22. WATCH VIDEO – La Samaritaine, Paris – Weekday Wandering with Jacqui – Monday 28 June 2021

21. WATCH VIDEO – Paris passages – Weekday Wandering in Paris with Jacqui – Tuesday 22 June 2021

20. WATCH VIDEO – Opera Garnier & environs – Weekday Wandering in Paris with Jacqui – Friday 18 June 2021 at 10:30am Paristime.

19. WATCH VIDEO – Place Vendôme – Paris 1er – Weekday Wandering with Jacqui Tuesday 15 June 2021 at 10:30 Paris time before attending the Napoleon and Josephine Exhibition at Chaumet.
NOTE: Video and all images are copyright Jacqui Lucquin.

18. WATCH VIDEO – Weekday Wandering – Trocadéro 16éme Paris – guided walk with Jacqui Lucquin – Thursday 10 June 10AM before she immersed herself in the world of the ‘Chanel Manifesto Exhibition’.

17. WATCH VIDEO Weekday Wandering – St Paul 4ème – Victor Hugo with Jacqui – Tuesday 8 June 2021 10:30AM

16. WATCH VIDEO – Weekday Wandering in St Germain – 6th arrondissement with Jacqui – Friday 4 June 2021 10:30 Paris time.

15. WATCH VIDEO – Weekday Wandering in Paris – 7th arrondissement – Musee Rodin with Jacqui – TUESDAY 1 June 2021 10:30AM Paris time.

14. WATCH VIDEO – Weekday Wandering – Mairie de 14ème arrondissement with JACQUI IN PARIS – FRIDAY 28 MAY 10:30AM

13. WATCH VIDEO – Weekday Wandering in Chatelet Les Halles Montorgueil with JACQUI IN PARIS – TUESDAY 25 MAY 10:30AM

12. WATCH VIDEOCELEBRATION of the post Confinement REOPENING in PARIS – Montparnasse – discover Jacqui’s favourite places – Wednesday 19 May – the first day that the cafés, museums, and non-essential shops re-opened in France. Cafes cannot access customers inside – only on the terraces. See all the cafe terrace preparation taking place – a very exciting time for all.

11. WATCH VIDEO – Jardins des Plantes – discover Jacqui’s favourite places – Friday 14 May – amazing discoveries for most Francophiles and Parisians as well!

10. WATCH VIDEO: Wandering in Jardins de Luxembourg with Jacqui – 6th arrondissement
– Tuesday 11 May 2021 – 10:30 Paris time

9. WATCH VIDEO: Wandering in Montmartre with Méli Serrano – 18th arrondissement
– Thursday 6 May 2021 – 17:30 Paris time

8. WATCH VIDEO: Wandering in the Montparnasse Cemetery with Jacqui – 14th arrondissment
– Tuesday 4 May 2021 – 10:30 am Paris time 

7. WATCH VIDEO: Wandering in the 14eme arrondissement with Jacqui – Denfert Rochereau (14ème) – view video – FRIDAY 30 April – 10:30am Paris time

6. WATCH VIDEO: Île St. Louis – 4th arrondissement
– 27 April 2021 – 10:30am Paris time – Here you can view the video

Midnight in Paris & Emily in Paris – 5th arrondissement
– 20 April 2021 – Here you can view the video
[ note the comments were not visible so there is little interaction ] 

Notre Dame on the 2nd anniversary of the fire – 4th arrondissement
– 16 April 2021 – Here you can view the video
– And here is an article about the discoveries made on the Notre Dame Weekday wanderings

Martin Luther King Park – 17th arrondissement
– 15 April 2021 – Here you can view the video

Le Jardins des Plantes – 5th arrondissement
– 15 April 2021 – Here you can view the video

Palais Royal – 2nd arrondissement
– 29 March 2021 – Here you can view the video
– And here is an article: Poetry Paradise at the Palais Royal as discovered during this Weekday Wandering

How to get an invitation to a LIVE video?

You too can get an invitation to attend and to watch ‘Weekday Wandering in Paris’ Videos LIVE wherever you live by joining the private MyFrenchLife Community Group on Facebook.

Merci to Jacqui and Mélissa who are the first members to guide us around Paris. If you’re in France we’d love it if you’d do something similar to show us your area.

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