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Binge on Paris – UPDATED DAILY: guided walks, video & photos abound!

Weekday Wanderings in Paris – Please join us

This article is intended to provide you the opportunity to BINGE on PARIS.
Our weekday Wandering is an initiative instigated during the Covid Pandemic where members who reside in France are generously showing other members their favourite parts of Paris. These are casual chatty live videos designed to help members who are yearning to be in France right now and can’t get there!

You can use these videos as welcome reminders of your previous experiences OR you may be introduced to places you didn’t know existed.

Help me thank the members who are overcoming nerves and technology fear to do this for most of us.
We will continue to update this list.  

In the comments section below please let us know where you would like to be taken… And find out how to be invited to the LIVE videos – see below!

How to Navigate our BINGE articles? These articles are being added to frequently with lots of videos, photos and more… so to find your way follow these tips.

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