How to personalise your le Bulletin newsletter: #bookchat or not Your choice

How to personalise your le Bulletin – eg: not everyone loves a book club

I’m aware that NOT EVERYONE LOVES hearing about our Book Club, yet I continue to publish articles about it, and you continue to be sent #Bookchat articles – why is that?

Did you know that you can TURN OFF #Bookchat if you desire?

Let me explain.

When I set up le Bulletin on Substack some months ago, I set up #Bookchat MyFrenchLife™ as what’s called a SECTION to allow you, the subscriber flexibility to personalise your le Bulletin and to choose to receive or not to receive that section. Can you see the SECTION #Bookchat MyFrenchLife™ on the top navigation bar? (see below)

If you’re not interested in hearing about #Bookchat, then you can UNSUBSCRIBE from that section ONLY! et Voilà you’ll still receive le Bulletin but not the #Bookchat posts.

How do I turn off #Bookchat messages?

So…starting at the beginning… if you’re a new subscriber to le Bulletin on substack, you’ll receive all sections by default as your newsletter/s and as I publish new posts. If you’re already a subscriber you’ll need to unsubscribe from the #Bookchat section in order to no longer receive #Bookchat posts in your App or your Inbox.

Click here →Here is a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to UNSUBSCRIBE or SUBSCRIBE to this section only: #Bookchat MyFrenchLife™

And another little tip:

  • When you receive your le Bulletin newsletter at the very top right you’ll see the words:
    View in browser or a little lower down
    See these in the image below…
  • It is your choice which you select but both of these options will be a better experience than reading from your email inbox.
  • From time to time newsletters may be updated and/or additional information may be added, if you read straight from your email inbox you will miss out on this benefit. SEE BELOW – Here’s what to look for: I hope that this is helpful.

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