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Beauty products you just want to try!

The reasons why French women remain slim and beautiful despite their smoking, eating and exercising (or lack thereof) habits are a source of constant speculation from envious North American women – myself among them.

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The French Five

My approach to the French five is somewhat modified; my aim is to add five pieces to my wardrobe that I believe are truly worthy of being worn not for an imagined future soiree or cocktail hour, but for every day of the blissful and glamourous life that I dream of living in Paris.

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Fashion Blogging à la Française

Some days, I genuinely don’t mind the fact that I don’t live in Paris; other days, I tolerate it. But there are certain moments when the pull of the city is so strong that I feel the need to experience it in some way, even if only temporarily. That’s when I turn to my favourite French fashion bloggers.

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We’ll always have Paris

After ten magical days, I boarded a plane bound for home. My red fleece coat was balled up in my suitcase, replaced by black cigarette pants and pumps. I didn’t want to simply be recognized as someone who had travelled to France; I wanted to be mistaken for someone who was French.