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MyFrenchlife™ - fashion bloggingThere’s no doubt that if I had my way, I would have packed my only my favourite things and relocated to a tiny Parisian apartment long ago.

But there are all kinds of aggravating practical concerns that hold fastidious, rule-abiding people like me back from moving halfway around the world at a moment’s notice; visa issues, bureaucratic hurdles, Anglophone husbands… Suffice it to say that in spite of my life-long dream of living in Montmartre, for the time being I will be staying put.

Some days, I genuinely don’t mind the fact that I don’t live in Paris; other days, I tolerate it. But there are certain moments when the pull of the city is so strong that I feel the need to experience it in some way, even if only temporarily. That’s when I turn to my favourite French fashion bloggers.

Not only are these five women incredibly well-dressed, but their photographs and writing display the magnificence and grandeur of their home country. When I am craving Haussmannian architecture and beautiful tailoring, they never let me down.

Estelle, Blog Mode

MyFrenchLife™ - fashion bloggingEstelle is a statuesque brunette from Strasbourg whose style philosophy is simple; she wears clothes that she likes, that are practical and suited to any occasion. Whether she dons a pair of pink skinnies with a leather jacket or a floral dress and knee-high boots, her natural elegance and self-possession shine through every photograph. If you’re interested in skincare and cosmetics, she also writes about new and unusual lines that will help bring out natural radiance, rather than masking imperfections.

Lydia, the petite Française behind Next-Trend, is a relatively new Parisian, exploring what she describes as basic-edgy fashion in the French capital. Her collection of Louboutins is incredibly enviable, and she has that striking je ne sais quoi that allows her to make skinny jeans look like haute couture.

Clémentine Levy

The ethereally beautiful Clementine is, not at all surprisingly, a model who recently appeared in her first commercial. She also works in the fashion industry as a consultant for young and upcoming designers. Her blog is the best place to find behind-the-scenes photos from French photo shoots and fashion shows, but she also shares the things she enjoys, from her favourite photos and collections to the songs she’s listening to every month.

© Clementine Levy - My French Life

Making Magique

When I did a quick Google search for this blog, formerly known as Bardot in Blue and written by American ex-pat Haleigh Walsworth, I found that the tag-line is, A silly American in Paris. The fun, whimsy and romance that those five words imply perfectly describe what you will find on Haleigh’s pale blue and beribboned blog, which, more than detailing just fashion, is a chronicle of all of the beautiful things that this former California girl surrounds herself with. Making Magique is a treasure trove of images; travel snapshots, sparkly shoes, Parisian architecture and an adorable baby dwarf bunny named Babu are all regular features.

Garance Doré

No article written about French fashion bloggers would be complete with mentioning Garance Dore, the eponymous photographer and artist behind one of the most visually stunning and well-known blogs in the fashion world. Partner of The Sartorialist, who was arguably the first fashion blogger, Garance presents street style in an entirely different way from Scott Schumann. A natural warmth seems to radiate from her photographs, which she compliments with her own art and reflective writings about life. She publishes her blog in both French and English, so that fashion and art lovers can experience her world view in whichever language they prefer.

© Garance Doré - My French Life

The fact that I can’t, at least for the time being, live in Paris is still one with which I am coming to terms. (Some days, my desire to eat a fresh almond croissant for breakfast before wandering off to le Marais to shop for clothes at Sandro almost subsides!) But it’s reassuring to know that while I’m in Canada, French fashion is only a click away!

Do you like fashion blogging? Who are you favourite fashion bloggers? Share in the comment box below!

Image credits:
1. Rooftops in Paris by Ramjheetun Elodie, via Flickr
2. Courtesy of © Estelle Blog Mode
3. Courtesy of © Clementine Levy
4. Courtesy of © Garance Dore

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  1. Laura Griffin Oct 18, 2011 at 11:50 AM - Reply

    What exquisite photos. Thank you for sharing your favourite French fashion blogs, which are a beautiful distraction from day to day life!

  2. Emmanuelle Tremolet Oct 18, 2011 at 1:13 PM - Reply

    Si vous ne connaissez pas encore ces blogs, allez voir ! Ces filles aiment la mode mais aussi la photo ! Je suis depuis très longtemps Garance Doré dont le parcours est exceptionnel. Ces billets sont toujours plein de fraicheur. Merci Cee pour partager avec nous, vos blogs Fashion coup de cœur.

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