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Working in Paris

I’m a technical writer, working mainly for software development companies, and I’m lucky to have a job that enables me to work in non-English speaking countries. In 2006/7 I managed to acquire a job (and an apartment) in Paris.

Vie Française |


We’ve reassured the Cabinet Pautrait that we are not wrecking the building, and invited them in for an inspection. We’ve negotiated with and compensated the very civilized neighbour below us when Mehmet severed a water pipe and flooded his apartment.

Vie Française |

A tale of Parisian real estate – 2

Episode 2: The Parisian property reality. Gilles hands us a large clump of keys of varying sizes and complexity. There are two particularly large and complex keys in the collection, for the locks on the front door. These look a bit like fish cleaning tools.