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Vie Française |

What "bonne année" means in French

To remember this distance and the constance of friendship, regardless of how long it’s been since your paths have crossed, seems to add a touch more humanity to the technology-driven lives we’re all leading, and it’s something that I’ve found the French do particularly well.

Vie Française |

How do you translate French culture?

“You’re so… nationalistic,” he said. “Patriotic,” I corrected, but the comment stuck with me and made me think a lot about what differences outsiders really notice once they get a taste of a new culture.

Gastronomie |

A very French Thanksgiving

Just because I was in a country that called Thanksgiving ‘American Christmas’ was no reason for me to miss the traditions of pie and turkey, and so I started my own traditions… not without a few hiccups along the way.