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Paris in a day

I hadn’t visited the Louvre, or strolled the Champs-Elysées, or circled the Arc de Triomphe, or found any iconic gravesites… But, I can’t imagine a more exciting introduction to Paris than having only one day to see it.

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The Overnight Train to Paris

The overnight train from Nice to Paris was, in my mind, the most romantic means of travel imaginable. I’d watch the palm trees give way to conifers and open fields. The fiery evening sky would dissolve into a soft, dark twilight before plunging into starry blackness.

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Textbook French and False Expectations

Preparing for my first trip to France…. Hopefully this time my foreign language skills would go further than explaining, in perfect French, that I didn’t actually understand French.

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The Franglais Culture of Antibes

The view from the Crewhouse balcony overlooked tiers of burnt orange rooftops, striking in contrast to the turquoise sky. Sun-washed adobe houses flanked the narrow stone roads and alleyways. I breathed in the salty air, feeling the daylight glint off my sunglasses.