Would you like your kids or grandchildren to seem more French? Look more French? Sound more French? Dress more French? Then you've come to the right place... Amusez-vous!

Savvy Francophile's guide on how to travel with kids: Paris monuments & attractions

Visiting museums is a great way to learn about French history and culture. From paintings to mummies, a trip to the museum has plenty to keep kids entertained.
 Paris, France

French kids: cooking activities for fussy eaters

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as ‘food for kids’ in France. French kids simply eat normal food. If your kids are fussy eaters be sure to try out some of these fun cooking activities.

Savvy Francophile's guide to travel with kids - keeping them entertained

Kids are sure to get a tad grouchy if it's all work (or travel) and no play! So we've done the research, and found a few sure-fire ways to make sure the kids love travelling as much as you do.

Introduce your kids to some French history - and make it fun!

Children are very curious and love to learn new things. Teaching them French history can be the prefect gateway into the French language. And, it’s easier than you think.

Savvy Francophile's guide to travel with kids - when you arrive

You've made it! So far so good! Remember though, baby steps... Don't rush the kids (and yourself) off their feet - you have heaps of time, so take it slowly, take a breather, and most importantly: enjoy yourself!

Welcome to the savvy Francophile's guide to travel with kids

There is no wrong or right way to travel with kids but we want to help make your trip just a little easier.

Savvy Francophile's guide to travel with kids - planning

When you’re planning a holiday with kids you’ll need to invest a bit more time than usual. To make sure you’re properly prepared we recommend following the three ‘P’s: planning, packing and preparation.

French parenting: how does it compare to the anglo approach?

Each country has their own helpful tactics to tame their toddlers and we’re excited to share these tips with you!

10 Staple items for your French kids wardrobe

When in France, don’t be surprised to find yourself out-dressed by a mademoiselle de cinq ans. Sometimes it seems fashion is something that courses through the veins of les français...

Raising bilingual children: our guide to the best techniques

Malheureusement there is no magic formula nor secret recipe to make your child bilingual. It takes commitment and hard work, but many parents will tell you it’s well worth the effort.