A dedicated Francophile’s perspective on all things French from an expat Aussie living in France. Ray's perspective is beyond the clichés, viewing the fascinating and often never-before-heard-of angles helping the reader gain a deeper understanding of the 'real' France. 'Perspectives' shares refreshing and sometimes shocking views of places, people, history, culture, gastronomy, and much, much more —you’ll never be underwhelmed.

L’HUMA: beware! music, politics, nudity - another way to see Paris

l'Huma festival: why it's considered as a rite of passage in France - music, politics, 3-day entertainment - not to be missed in Paris
 Paris, France

Ghouls behind the guillotine: an iconic symbol of French history

Just how gruesome was the guillotine in France? Read on to discover more about this medieval killing machine.

What's the most important daily paper in France

Love the French daily papers? Find out which one is the most critical to have with you at all times.

Guess what’s missing at Giverny?

What would you expect to see at Giverny other than the famous Monet house & garden? Read Ray's account of his visit. Do you agree with him?

Stories of war in France: a visit to Bonaguil, and a dark memorial nearby

Badly hit in battle - find out more about the French castle Bonaguil as we revisit stories of war in France.

Condom - What's in a name?

What an odd name! Ray takes us on a journey to discover some rather oddly named locations in France.

Only in France? how to eat an ortolan - not for the fainthearted!

The ortolan is a traditional - but outlawed - dish. We discuss this controversial French delicacy.

The French foie gras debate: Arnie Schwarzenegger, Prince Charles & the Vatican

Animal cruelty or simply tradition? See what you think after we look at the debate on foie gras.

The Statue of Liberty: a French connection in New York harbour

Does the statue of liberty represent a paradox in French and American political thought?

In search of Rousseau's 'noble savage'

Did Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his idea of the noble savage boost French exploration in the 1700s?