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24 06, 2024

Inspirational women: Meet Jennifer Andrewes — a 2500km walk July to October 2024

By |2024-06-25T13:19:09+10:00Jun 24, 2024|1 Comment

Join NZ-based writer & pilgrim Jennifer Andrewes living with early-onset Parkinson’s, as she walks 2,500km (Canterbury to Rome) on the historic Via Francigena route (England, France, Switzerland, and Italy in 110 days - July to October 2024)

25 10, 2012

Atelierworkshop: the best of French/Kiwi design in New Zealand

By |2013-04-26T01:43:03+10:00Oct 25, 2012|0 Comments

Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen, a French-Kiwi architecture team, started Atelierworkshop in Wellington after meeting in Bordeaux. Their practice is founded on the idea of a complimentary dialogue between two cultures and a shared set of design priorities (with lots of French-style debate along the way!).

1 02, 2012

Qu’en pensez-vous? Can you ever become French if you weren’t born French?

By |2013-04-18T10:19:56+10:00Feb 1, 2012|7 Comments

Some would say that you have to eat baguette on a daily basis, others that being cranky is the least a Frenchman can do. Be it as it may, the question is: Is it possible to become French? -- An open-ended debate... it's never too late to join in. Pensez-vous?

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