Passer un moment avec moi à Paris (2)

Ce soir dans le sixieme…

Après un apéro à ‘La Crèmerie’  de la rue de quatre vents, dans le sixieme, avec mon mari, je me promenais dans la rue vers un magasin de livres quand j’ai entendu la musique venant de près de l’Odéon

Here is what we saw and heard… (you can hear and see on the video below)

…Come with me to experience the light evening and the light heart…in Paris

There was great live music and lots of the community were there enjoying it.  Some may have been there according to plan, however many seemed to be on their way home.

All were enjoying ‘up tempo’ music on a perfect evening around 8pm in the 6th in Paris around the corner from our apartment.  Today it has been raining, so the clear evening was even more delightful!

I still don’t know the name of the band or the purpose.  The sponsor seemed to be ‘Courier International’ and it was held in the square behind le Theatre de l’Odeon!

Beaucoup de gens…

Dancing in the streets

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  1. Debra Sep 9, 2010 at 9:49 AM - Reply

    This is wonderful! Of course I have no clue as to ‘why’, but, pourquoi pas ?

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