New jazz vocalist? you tell me…I say a rising star! -Video

Judy MacMahon - 04/07/13 -

Paris it was not. International jazz, at its best, it was! – watch & listen and tell me what you think…

I just love the jazz scene in Paris, but tonight’s discovering was in Melbourne and not too shabby either at Bennetts Lane in the year they celebrate their 18th anniversary…

Bennetts Lane: A jazz club that many know as ‘The best Jazz Club in Australia’ and to others ‘The best jazz club in the southern hemisphere’!

Judy MacMahon - 04/07/13 -

AND according to Wikipedia: The Bennetts Lane Jazz Club is a music venue, located off Little Lonsdale Street, in the Melbourne CBD. The club hosts local and international musicians. Lonely Planet has called Bennett’s “the world’s best jazz club”. Bennetts Lane has been hosting musicians for 17 years. The venue hosts musicians for the Melbourne Jazz Festival. Bennetts Lane won ‘Best Venue award’ at the Australian Jazz Awards in 2003 and 2004.

But, back to the story….This evening as I was at a bit of a loose end, what with ‘Mon Mari’ travelling, I decided to head off and find some good jazz. Living near Bennetts Lane in Melbourne is a real advantage as it’s possible to frequently be a ‘walk-in’ for international quality jazz! This evening was one of those occasions.  Not only was the John Hoffman Sextet performing but so was Elly Hoyt, about whom I’d not heard of until now. Let me tell you …..  “Watch for this rising star!”
*albeit the sound is not very good on this video 🙁  Elly Hoyt, a very talented young woman from Tasmania in Australia, has been studying with John Hoffman (see below) at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music for the last 3 years.

Elly has a debut album being released in December 2010. She will be performing again at Bennetts Lane on 10 December 2010. Don’t miss it if you are in Melbourne. AND get your name on a list for her debut album…

I must say though that it wasn’t only Elly.  The performers this evening were seasoned and extraordinary, from base guitar, to drums, double base, sax, trumpet and of course piano… fabulous musos and great music making.  I think I had as much funas they did!

This evening’s program: John Hoffman Sextet with Elly Hoyt

 Returning for his annual gig, trumpeter John Hoffman graces Melbourne with the usual coterie of local comrades-in-arms and special guest vocalist Elly Hoyt.For one night only, John Hoffman, trumpeter & flugelhornist extraordinaire will be joined by jazz luminaries Tony Gould (piano), David Jones (drums) James Sherlock (guitar) Ben Robertson (bass), Tony Buchanan (saxophones) and special guest vocalist Elly Hoyt for an evening of what can only be described as beautiful music making. John is regarded in the music industry as one of Australias finest lead and jazz trumpeters. Originally from the USA, he has been living in Australia for over 20 years. His illustrious career has seen him perform with some of the great Big Bands – Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, Glenn Miller/Buddy de Franco Orchestra, Harry James, The New Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. He has also backed a whos who of the great jazz singers of our time including Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Williams, Mel Torme, Sarah Vaughan & Tony Bennett. This is a rare opportunity to hear a genius of the instrument performing with old friends in an intimate setting. “



Judy MacMahon - 04/07/13 -

Here are a photos and videos of this evening… unfortunately they are very brief but sufficent for a taste of the talent? non?

Video: Elly Hoyt,with er own composition at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne, Australia 09.10.10

Also here is a podcast: An Interview with Elly Hoyt by John Ried on Jazz Radio, Australia

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