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The french thread …

Suzanne Cavanagh - 08/07/13 - www.MyFrenchLife.orgI first discovered the ‘french thread‘ when my boyfriend (now my husband) was invited to Banyuls-sur-Mer, nestled in the Pyrenees.
There he undertook his doctorate working on the physiology of octopus at the Laboratoire Arago, which overlooks the stunning Mediterranean coast near the border with Spain. The thread then resolutely wove its way throughout our lives – the slow and often painful acquisition of the beautiful French language, the visits in Melbourne to French theatre, French film and the impressive French restaurant scene.

Suzanne Cavanagh - 08/07/13 -

A deeper association followed as our children undertook gap years at schools in France and Belgium. Then, the much anticipated email exchanges with newly acquired friends about life, love, culture and politics in France opened up our minds to different perspectives on life’s ‘big questions’. Finally, to ensure our appetite for things French remained primed, each Christmas tantalizing boxes would arrive from our ‘French Families’ which promised new French delights – la confiture Bonne Mamanles caramels au beurre sale et les galettes au pur beurre. . Our ‘french thread‘ binds us to these experiences – a gentle tug and off we go on another of life’s French adventures.

Suzanne Cavanagh - 08/07/13 -

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  1. Judy MacMahon
    11 years ago

    Hello Suzanne, thank you for sharing your ‘french thread’ story.I’ll make sure I’m around next Christmas when the “tantilising boxes” arrive … hehe Judy

  2. Bethany Untied
    11 years ago

    I had seen Judy post something on the facebook page about the French thread that binds us, but now I understand what she meant ! 😛

    Such an interesting way of putting it- Frenchiness, the spirit of all that is French, it’s a wonderful, almost indescribable thing. It’s so rare that a culture and language has such a stronghold over others- indeed France seems to tug at my consciousness. It’s like once you’re hit with the Paris stick, you just can’t go back to normal. 🙂 (But who would want normal, anyway ?)

    Thanks for sharing !

  3. Suzanne Cavanagh
    11 years ago

    Hi Bethany

    ….hit with the “Paris stick” – I love it!

    Heavens, there are certainly many hit by ‘The Stick’ in Melbourne town