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Paris men’s book club: a corner in the Marais

Alex Karmel’s “Ordinary House” becomes a prism through which we are introduced to the dramatic changes of the day, reflected in the changing fabric of Parisian society. Six centuries of pulsating life; a fabulous journey in time-travel.

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Feeling all afloat in Canal St. Martin, France

The loud whirring of the great lock engines signal a performance is about to begin. As water pours into our hold we feel our croisière purposefully float higher and higher. The gigantic doors of the lock slowly and majestically open, ready for the finale.

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Come dine with me? Finding friends in France

A French phenomenon, COlunching started as a way for French freelancers to escape their home offices. Now it has become a popular way of people meeting when they arrive in a new city for work, or for travellers seeking to combine a foodie experience with a chance to meet with the locals.

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Francophiles & Cinephiles – You’re in for a Treat!

Australia’s French Film Festival, organised by the Alliance Française (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney), is about to burst forth on to the cinematic scene in March with a sensational line up of films. Read about the Festival and the Competition we’re running that will help to get you there!

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Saint-Tropez has moved closer to Melbourne and Sydney this January

Star Spotting in Saint-Tropez : The collection of photos by Daniel Angeli, often considered the ‘godfather’ of the paparazzi movement, captures the ‘branché lifestyle of many of the 20th century celebrity icons such as Bardot, Lagerfeld, Diana, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Dustin Hoffman, whilst on holiday.

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Australia through the French Looking Glass

A visit to Paris or a sojourn in one of the charming villages of France is the stuff of dreams for many Australians, making life long dreams a reality. ‘La France’ for some, is truly ‘la folle’. BUT what of the well trodden path from Paris to the Antipodes?

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The french thread …

Our ‘french thread’ binds us … a gentle tug and off we go on another of life’s French adventures. The thread then resolutely wove its way throughout our lives – the slow and often painful acquisition of the beautiful French language, the visits in Melbourne to French theatre, French film and the impressive French restaurant scene.