French food adventures: Amazing Antibes

I admit it, I can be a big city snob. So when my husband Sylvain wanted to take me on day trip to Antibes, I honestly wasn’t too stoked. But I trust him and I’m always hungry, so I went along for the ride.

Wow, what an amazing gem of a ville! C’est vrai, he was right! I know that France has many underrated fab places to visit, but I’m picky. However, now I find myself asking him to take me back for dinner and day trips frequently. Hey, I can admit when I’m wrong. ( Eek, now it’s in print! ) Merci mon amour, this article is all because of you.

Covered Food Market

Tina Chevalier - 27/06/13 -

The market located on Cours Massena in the heart of the old town is an eyeful of wonder. It takes up the whole street and there are three rows of locals’ booths sporting their food treasures for you to smell, taste, and buy. There are some pretty well-known traders and growers here selling a variety of products, from cheeses to sundried tomatoes. It’s all fresh, seasonal, and local- the trifecta of eats for me! The fresh greens and herbs are to die for here, there are all kinds of fruits and veggies, and oui, even Socca!

Tina Chevalier - 27/06/2013 -

My advice is to take shopping bags and go early because parking may be a problem. It’s open from 6 am -1 pm daily from June 1st-September 1st. For the rest of the year, it’s open daily except Mondays. Double-check for changes before you go.

Chez Helen – 35 Rue des Revennes

Anyone who is vegan or vegetarian needs to hit up this local hotspot for lunch or dinner. Chez Helen is a super-cute little place of healthy grub in the heart of Old Antibes. It features a Plat du Jour, with dessert, for 15 Euros. I must say, they have a nice dessert selection which a must for me. I’m all about desserts!

Tina Chevalier - 27/06/2013 -

The service is very friendly and fast, so don’t be afraid to ask what’s in the dish of the day. There are many options for lacto-ovos, vegans, and gluten-free eaters. But you can certainly eat there if you’re a flexitarian, or just because you want to try something good and healthy for a change. The servings are nice-sized and you will be full when you leave. Full in a good way, not in a processed food coma way.

Tina Chevalier - 27/06/2013 -

La Taille De Guêpe – 24 Rue de Fersen

‘Une cuisine originale aux fleurs, et pleine de saveurs.’ Oui, you read it correctly: ‘Original cuisine with flowers, and full of flavor!’ I’ve saved the best for last; this is my #1 favorite place to have a romantic dinner in Antibes!

I found it to be an enchanted ‘Alice in Wonderland’- type of restaurant that’s hidden in the small streets of Old Antibes. Almost like out of a fairytale, the interior décor feature an ethereal butterfly net canopy that seats only six people at three cozy tables. Small Christmas-like white lights and candles on the tables fill this area with a major romantic, intimate ambience perfect for a warm dinner pour deux. There are other tables in the restaurant itself, but it is a small space. Reservations are a must, especially to reserve tables under the canopy.

The cuisine is just as exquisite as the atmosphere! Edible flowers are the main feature of the menu. And literally, the plates are so gorgeous that you won’t want to touch it. The selection includes salads that look like flower bouquets, violet tapenades, and main course plates decorated with bursts of delicate colored petals to be eaten and savored!

Tina Chevalier - 27/06/13 -

There are options for every diet, just ask the wonderful staff members. My favorite dish is vegan: grilled tofu with a 25 spice house sauce, steamed vegetables, three types of grains, and  aux fleurs – bien sûr!

It is a must to dine here– for romance, but also for an enchanting ‘Girls’ Night Out’. It may leave a small hole in your pocket, but you are worth it!

Image credits: All images by Tina Chevalier-Popineau.
1. An overview of the Covered Market
2. Fresh Assortment of Local Organic Lettuces
3. The Outside of Chez Helen
4. My Husband Sylvain’s “Plat du Jour” at Chez Helen
5. My favorite “Grilled Tofu” Dish at La Taille De Guêpe

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  1. provencehandmade Jun 5, 2012 at 5:38 PM - Reply

    Dear Tina, you’d love to walk along the little village markets inland Provence too !!! Have a go to Provence Hand Made blog ( and discover our Provencal stories ! Seen you soon Claire

  2. Tina Chevalier-Popineau Jun 21, 2012 at 5:23 PM - Reply

    Merci Claire! OUI – I’m sure I would love the little village markets in Provence!! Thanks for the link!
    Sante, Tina

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