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La fête du citron in Menton, France

Every year in Menton, France there is a festival to celebrate le citron! – ‘The Lemon Festival’. It also spotlights limes and oranges but this grand, over two-week-long affair, showcases the lemon. Come one, come all, let’s celebrate all things citron!

Gastronomie |

Fête des Châtaignes (Chestnut Festivals) in France

Every October brings chestnut season and all the chestnut festivals in France – it is the sign that the holiday season has arrived! So grab some roasted chestnuts and some vin chaud and let’s get the ‘Chestnut Party’ started!

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French food adventures: Amazing Antibes

I admit it: I can be a big city snob. So when my husband Sylvain wanted to take me on day trip to Antibes, I honestly wasn’t too stoked. But I trust him and I’m always hungry, so I went along for the ride.