My French Christmas: Tina

Hannah Duke 12/11/12

How do you spend Christmas in France? What do the French do better at Christmas time? And what could they learn from your pays de naissance? We investigate…

Tina says…

My favourite thing about Christmas in France…
This is a no-brainer for me: ‘Vin Chaud Châtaignes Grillées’ (Hot Wine & Roasted Chestnuts).

What I miss about Christmas in my hometown…
All of the lights and decorations on practically every house on every street. People go all out for Christmas in the USA and it’s truly amazing.

What I think the French do better at Christmas
The Christmas Eve dinner and desserts.


What are your favourite things about Christmas in France?

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Image credits:
1. La table du réveillon de Noël / Christmas Eve table, by Vincen-t on Flickr

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