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Paris in the rain: street photography inspired by the French masters

Poring over the books at La Hune, I was captivated by the observations of everyday life as recorded by French masters such as Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, Brassaï and American Elliott Erwitt. Inspired by a magical moment on the Pont Alexandre III when a passing thunderstorm swept through the city, I took these photographs…






Image credits: All photographs ©Kah Kit Yoong.


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  1. geraldine
    10 years ago

    Thanks Kah Kit for sharing these pictures with us! I LOVE the one with the Pont des arts under the rain. It looks like it’s in the middle of a giant cloud of water. You might have been wet too! 🙂

    On your website, I love your pictures from Scotland. Want to go to Isle of Lewis right now.



  2. Celine Mangiardi
    10 years ago

    Beautiful pictures!
    I don’t really like Paris under the rain but your pictures are a real pleasure for the eyes!

  3. clairegomolla
    10 years ago

    Thank you Kah Kit for these beautiful pictures, I really love the way you use the greyness and rain with your lens, it looks like a romantic landscape.

  4. Kah Kit Yoong
    10 years ago

    Thanks Geraldine. Yes Lewis and Harris have an edge of the world feel to it. But so does some of the awesome coastal locations I visited in Brittany recently.

  5. Kah Kit Yoong
    10 years ago

    Thanks Celine and Claire. I guess some people don’t like the rain but when I took the photo on the Pont Alexandre I was absolutely drenched to the bone by an unexpected and massive deluge that day. It didn’t last long but I never felt so alive photographing in Paris as during that storm. Although about an hour later I was quite cold and had to strip off and change on the Champs Elysee; for some reason I had change of clothes in my bag that day. Also the camera stopped working for a few days after that shot.

  6. Virginia Jones
    10 years ago

    Beautiful images. Proves that we all love Paris when it drizzles. A downpour is another story altogether for photographers!