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Christmas en français: Festive Vocabulary – Part Two

Hoping to impress this festive season? Then why not try a few of our choicest French Christmas words and phrases!

This year, we’re dreaming of…

christmasenfrancaisHannah Duke 9/11/12Hannah Duke 9/11/12Hannah Duke 9/11/12Hannah Duke 9/11/12Hannah Duke 9/11/12

Read Part One of our Christmas Vocabulary list here.

Do you have any favourite Christmas words, phrases or expressions? We’d love to hear them! Tell us in a comment below, or tweet us: @MaVieFrancaise, #MyFrenchChristmas.

Image credits
1. Virginia Jones
2. Blue Christmas Card, by David Sykes on Flickr
3. Merry Christmas, by blacklord on Flickr
4. Christmas Angel, by Dale Calder on Flickr
5. The Christmas Shot, by Bob the courier on Flickr

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  1. francois roland
    10 years ago

    Hey, maybe we could include “le père Noël est une ordure” (Santa Klaus is a bastard) among French Christmas expressions! 🙂

    “Le père Noël est une ordure” (Jean Poiré 1982 and featuring “la troupe du Spendid”) happens to be one of the most successful French comic film ever (it has been a play before). Many French people saw it at least 10 times and know all its best reparties by heart. All is turning around the small team of a phone tapping catholic association, being on duty at the very moment of Christmas eve. On the excerpt I give, you see Thierry Lhermitte wearing the hand made waistcoat that Thérèse just gifted him for Christmas and that he mistook for a mop at first sight. He’s just about to offer his own gift (an horrendous and ludicrous canvas that he painted for her) when their Slavic neighbourgh will call to offer some candies from his eastern country, of course they taste very bad but they will eat them anyway out of uptight catholic good manners 🙂