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There are smells that evoke special memories for each and every one of us. If Paris were a smell, it would be a combination of old newspapers, steamy paved streets and old Haussmann-style buildings.

But France is also renowned worldwide for its gastronomy. You just can’t go past their magret de canard, bœuf bourguignon, macarons or cannelés without licking your lips. Let your taste buds guide you through the French capital.

For a true French gourmet, the menu is just as important as the setting and location of a meal. They are, of course, very proud of their favourite local restaurant, where they are a well-known regular. They dine there on a weekly basis, bringing along family and friends at every opportunity. How would you like to explore Paris through their eyes? Bon appétit!

French savoury delights

Looking for authentic traditional dishes and a friendly atmosphere? ‘Robert et Louise’ is a great little find in the Marais quartier where the wood-fired côtes de boeuf will surely win you over .

Julie Smadja - Made in France Le Paris gourmand - My French Life - Ma Vie Francaise - you prefer salmon, try the Autour du Saumon restaurant. For lovers of south-western French gastronomy, ‘le Domaine de Lintillac’ or ‘Chez Papa’ both have a great selection of foie gras and regional dishes.

If you’re looking for something to warm you up this winter, try the Savoy specialties – raclette and fondue – at le Chalet d’Avron.

Chocolates and Pastries: the French gourmande!

Succumb to the perfection of the macarons at La Durée or Pierre Hermé. You’ll find some surprising flavour combinations amongst the classics on offer. For a more traditional treat, La Cure Gourmande has disguised chocolate, caramel and other delicious things as olives – great for kids and grown-ups alike.


Paris’ oldest confectionary maker, ‘A la mere de famille’, will make you melt as well!

If you are into coffee, the Café Richard boutiques are not to be missed. If tea is more your thing, a visit to ‘Mariage Frères’ is a delight for the senses.

Chocoholics will find chez Berthillon’s famous drinks and icecreams hard to beat. Jadis & Gourmande is the place try real chocolate, and their famous marrons glacés (candied chestnuts) while you’re at it.

French specialties without breaking the bank


If you’re concerned your budget won’t cover your appetite for fine dining, think again. Let me share a little secret with you – the website ‘La Fourchette‘ offers special discounts for some of France’s best restaurants, allowing you to save up to 50% on your bill.

I hope this fragrant voyage through French cuisine has awoken the gourmet in you.

By getting to know traditional French cuisine better, you may be inspired to hit the kitchen to try all sort of new recipes.

What are your favourite recipes? Share them with us!

Translation by Anna Pitt.
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