Visiting France: Bienvenue au Batobus!


You may remember the guide for surviving the Paris metro that we shared a while back, seen here. As your unofficial guide to transportation in Paris, I am here to present yet another option for getting around the city… one that may have you ‘cruising’ to your desired attractions in no time.


Do you want to explore Paris without having to worry about which line to take, where to connect, and the unknown sights and smells that await in the metro? Then a little thing called the Batobus might just be for you.

The name Batobus comes from the combination of two words: bateau, meaning boat, and bus. And, well, that’s exactly what it is: a boat that busses passengers to various destinations along the Seine. And it works in the same way as the famous hop-on, hop-off busses that have become famous in the touristy cities of the world.

Batobus has 8 different stops, all of which are can’t-miss destinations for first-time visitors to Paris, and others who simply lust after the most famous places in town.


You can get on and off as you please, as many times as you want, and prices are beyond reasonable. A one-day pass will run you 15 euro, but the bigger value comes in on a 5-day pass, which will only set you back 21 euro for unlimited rides. Plus, there’s a Family Pass option as well.

Of course, if you’re a Paris resident, you can also opt for an annual pass for 60 euro – and you’ll be happy to know the Batobus runs year around, no exceptions.


So if this sounds like an option that could be for you, head on over to any of the stops to buy your pass, and check out the website for more information (several languages are available). The discovery of this little transportation gem certainly has me excited to join the Batobus bandwagon, and is worth your consideration, too, the next time you’re in Paris!

All images via Batobus official site

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