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Visiting France: Bienvenue au Batobus!

Do you want to explore Paris without having to worry about which line to take, where to connect, and the unknown sights and smells that await in the metro? Then a little thing called the Batobus might just be for you.

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Your own private France: Take the road less traveled

When people think about exploring France, several of her most famous destinations often come to mind. But I have been fortunate enough to discover some tinier towns, off the beaten path, that have that certain French charm.

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French tennis, anyone?

Maybe you knew that one of the world’s most important tennis tournaments is hosted each year in Paris. But what you may not know is that Paris is also a great place for amateur and casual tennis players, too. With over 170 public courts, there’s plenty of opportunity to get a few games in.

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So, francophiles, how well do you know Paris?

I present you with a series of images taken of some of the most famous parts of Paris to see exactly how many you can identify. Some are easier than others, but all beg the question: do the sights make the city, or does the city make the sights?

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An expat’s plea to Paris

Through winter and spring we waited and yearned, for the days when the sun would brightly burn. But the promise of summer starts to fade, as plans for picnics cannot be made.

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Finding France (all over the world)

Having familiarized yourself with France and its various regions and monuments, it won’t be long before you start recognizing bits and pieces of the country elsewhere. As a current resident of Paris, I find myself catching glimpses of the country nearly every place I visit.

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How to survive the Paris metro

If you’re new to the Paris metro system, like I was nearly a year ago, it can feel a bit overwhelming … So, to help any would-be explorers navigate the City of Light, I’ve compiled a list of tips on how to survive the subways of the French capital.

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Finding my own style in the fashion capital

Too many times I have left my flat with aspirations of fashion grandeur and have come back empty handed, dejected and still looking like an unwilling participant of America’s What Not to Wear. What is the problem?

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Five French things that have changed my life

Much of Boston is beautiful and quite sentimental for me. New York is one of my favorite cities on earth and every time I go I’m reminded how much I love the energy of The Big Apple. London has art and music and culture galore … but there’s just something about Paris.

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France Brings out the American in Me

When I lived in the US, I was often critical of many things ‘American’. But when I moved to France, something happened. I started defending the United States. What was different? Who is this patriotic American girl trapped in my body and what has she done with the critical soul that preceded her?