My Christmas trip to France

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As my husband and I pack for our long-awaited Christmas trip to France, we cannot help but reminisce about the time we had there in December 2010.

We landed in Paris mid-morning on Christmas Eve. Arriving at our hotel to find out that our room was not quite ready, we decided to quickly part ways and purchase our stocking stuffers (we had brought along our stockings to stuff in Paris – so exciting!). After hours of shopping, the plan was to meet at Chanel – just for a quick look.

My husband arrived and settled himself into a comfy chair. He sat back and watched on as I cruised through my favourite shop in the world, drooling at the sight of the luxurious items that seemed so unreachable.

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Since it was Christmas Eve, they were serving champagne. What an excellent idea! Two glasses of pink champagne later, my husband was beginning to feel a little warm and fuzzy. Not too long after, I left 31 Rue Cambon with the most precious and memorable Christmas gift I have ever received! Ahhh! Oh to repeat that experience.

That Christmas in
Norma T 3 Paris was pure excellence, in every way. So much so that we decided to do it all over again this year… minus the little gem from Chanel, of course (hmpf). Needless to say, the stockings are packed!

Hopefully, they will soon be stuffed with goodies from Hediard and Ladurée, maybe socks from Bon Marché, or my favourite soap from L’Occitane. Perhaps even a candle from Astier de Villatte. How about a slice of the gigantic tarte au citron meringue from Le Loir dans la Théière’? MMMMM!

The big question I’m asking myself now, though, is where we should meet up this time around after our little shopping excursion. My face lit up with a sneaky smile, I tap my fingertips together and plot. Plotting is not something I’m proud of… but I’m so darn good at it!

Norma T 4Jerome Dreyfuss? Hermès? Peirre Hardy? Roger Vivier? Hmmm, where? Moynat? Just to look, of course. Oui, Moynat. I will have to bring along a flask of pink champagne in case this lovely establishment doesn’t provide its patrons with the necessary shopping potion. By the way, shop owner, I cannot stress enough how effective it is! Moynat, I will see you on the 24th!

After our shopping expedition I am hoping we will once again indulge in a couple of festive bevies at the best lounge in Paris, Bar 228 at Le Meurice.

Instead of staying at the glorious George V like we did two years ago, this time we’re opting for the très chic Le Royal Monceau-Raffles. Having already toured this stunning hotel I can only imagine how it will feel to settle in.

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On Christmas Day we will bundle up and ride the ferris wheel in the Tuileries, stroll through the glorious garden, then roam the beautiful surrounding streets. Next, we’ll visit the traditional outdoor markets on Champs-Élysées while sipping mulled wine and treating ourselves to a little gingerbread.

In the end, though, it doesn’t matter where you spend the holidays or how you spend them. Paris is a glamorous venue; however, if you are not with those you love it doesn’t mean much.

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My little Christmas message to you is: be happy, be kind and if you love the universe, it will love you back. I live my life on these notions and I have to say – so far, so good.

I wish you and your family a healthy and very Merry Christmas. Or, as I’ll be saying: Joyeux Nöel!
Image credits:

1 – 4, 6. Photos courtesy of Carina Okula.

5. Photo courtesy of Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris.


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