The best of French in Chicago: Parisian parfumeur Diptyque opens in Bucktown

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A fragrance can hold incredible powers. It can conjure up memories, ignite emotions, and transport you to another place or time.

For over 50 years, Parisian parfumeur Diptyque has done just that and more for people in France and around the world. And, thanks to the opening of their first Chicago boutique at the end of last year, Chicagoans can now experience Diptyque’s luxurious scented candles, home fragrances and body care collection items for themselves – even closer to home.

Making history at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain


The first Diptyque store opened in Paris at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in 1961. The retail concept was created by three artists and friends who previously designed fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty and Sanderson. The trio originally teamed up to showcase their own fabric designs at Diptyque.

Over time the store transformed into a chic bazaar offering a variety of items unique to Paris, which the three friends brought back from their respective travels, and later expanded to include scented candles and fragrances.

Today, Diptyque is best known for its luxury line of candles in fruity, floral, herbal, spicy and woody scents, available as standard and mini-size candles, colored candles, large indoor and outdoor candles, and photophores. Diptyque also offers eaux de toilette, eaux de parfum, cologne, body care items and more.

Capturing tales of French travels in fragrance


Each of Diptyque’s home and personal fragrances is made in France, appeals to men and women, and represents a story or memory captured in fragrance by the brand’s founders.

The gorgeous graphics on the product labels also pay homage to the destinations visited by Diptyque’s founders and are a nod to the brand’s origins as a showcase of tapestries and wallpaper.

The name, Diptyque (or Diptych in English), means a painting or sculpture composed of two panels with subjects that look at and complement each other. It speaks to the importance of the story behind each fragrance produced by the parfumeur, and the design of the original store at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain.

The luxurious scents of France come to Chicago


Diptyque opened its first Chicago store in November 2012. It is located in the hipster enclave of Bucktown at 1645 North Damen Avenue, and is surrounded by other unique, independent luxury brands. It is the fourth store the brand has opened in the U.S., and its 17th store across the globe.

Each boutique represents an evolution of the Diptyque retail concept, while paying tribute to the location’s history, spirit and culture. For the Chicago store, the brand’s design team selected unique wallpaper and fabric designs inspired by Native American tribes from the Chicago area.

The store is the quintessential ‘maison de parfums’ (or ‘house of fragrances’), housing all of the brand’s products and its seasonal and limited edition launches including the new Rose Duet candle, available just in time for Valentine’s Day. On each visit, you can expect to receive detailed advice on custom scent combinations and be taken on a sensory journey through the brand’s storied history and its founder’s travels and stories.

If the excitement of Chicagoans for the brand’s newest boutique is any indication, Diptyque is sure to create new memories, stories and history right here in Chicago for many years to come.

Do you have a favorite Diptyque product or fragrance? Please share your favorite ones in the comments below.

1645 North Damen Avenue, Chicago
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