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In part two of our interview with Kate Kemp-Griffin, the French lingerie expert shares some of her favourite places in and around Paris, and why she loves being a flâneuse.

Read part one of the interview here. You might also like to take a look at our coverage of this year’s Pink Bra Spring, which Kate helped to organise.

Kate’s Paris favourites

Tell us your favourite:

Lingerie designer…
The brand Les Jupons de Tess for designing chic lingerie with temptation in mind.

The brand Simone Pérèle for its understated allure and timeless elegance.

Minuit Douze (below) for extraordinary colours and luxurious loungewear in silk, cashmere and mohair.



Place to eat…
Le Pub St Germain. Whether you are by yourself, or with friends, Le Pub St Germain offers simple, tasty food in a warm, casual and elegant atmosphere.

17 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, 75006 Paris
Métro: Odéon

Place to drink
A glass of champagne at La Galerie in the George V. I love the intrigue and anonymity that comes with sitting and observing people at this transient crossroads.

31 avenue George V, 75008 Paris
Métro: George V

Place to shop


I love markets! The sprawling Marché Bastille offers a wide selection of local cheeses, baskets of colorful fruit and vegetables, seafood, chicken, and an abundance of nuts and olives to taste and savor.

Marché Bastille
Boulevard Richard Lenoir
Open Thursdays from 7am to 2:30pm; Sundays from 7am to 3pm

Place to play (nightclub, park, museum etc.)…
The streets of Paris. I love the notion of ‘flâner’, which means to wander, to stroll. Walking without an agenda, or destination, is like having the entire city as a playground, filled with enchantment and possibility.

Day trip location
Le Parc des Moutiers in Varengeville-sur-Mer. On the coast of Upper Normandy, this garden is a botanical paradise with flowers in bloom from March to April. Four generations of the Mallet family have inspired beauty to flourish. My favorite time of the year is May and June when the garden is overflowing with rhododendrons. A bit further down the road is a small church perched high on the cliff overlooking the sea and is a remarkable place to stand and marvel at the splendor of the coastline.


For a light lunch, Le Piment Bleu (pictured) offers a relaxing moment. Located in an old cider mill, Ghislane du Tertre offers homemade dishes and provides an eclectic mixture of artisanal crafts and fabrics.

Le Piment Bleu
La Cidrerie – Château de Varengeville
Route de Dieppe – Varengeville sur Mer
Tél : 02 35 83 38 95
Open 11am – 7pm (closed Thursdays)

Merci encore, Kate, for sharing your secrets with us. Keep an eye out here on our magazine for Kate’s upcoming lingerie column!

Image credits
1. Courtesy Les Jupons de Tess
2. Courtesy Minuit Douze
3. Pigtailed woman at the flower market by ParisSharing on Flickr
4. Le Piment Bleu via Le Piment Bleu

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  1. Judy MacMahon May 20, 2013 at 12:53 AM - Reply

    Oh Kate, I am so looking forward to your French lingerie column! Why is there so much intrigue? Why do different nationalities have such a different approach to lingerie, emotionally and practically. I have so many questions… I guess I’ll just have to wait along with everyone else. Wait I will, but with impatience!

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