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I have become addicted to watching Le Petit Journal. Though this cannot be taken as a sole source of news, I love watching their different take on events and I love having a good laugh. It helps that the presenter is pretty good looking.

Le Petit Journal is a half hour comedy news program in contrast with Le Grand Journal, which presents the news in a very serious manner like any other news channel would. Both shows are on Canal+ in the evening.

Coming from America I might compare Le Petit Journal with shows like ‘The Jon Stewart Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’.

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It is a show that presents the top news stories but with a unique twist. The show is often very sarcastic and pokes fun at well-known political and cultural figures. They also take serious situations and twist them to make them a little lighter, or make you look at them from a different perspective. Like ‘The Colbert Rapport’, Le Petit Journal often shows clips to remind watchers of something an important figure said years ago and then shows the more recent clip that is in contrast with the previous statement. It is a show that points out obvious mistakes made by people in the public eye in order to have a little fun.

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As I said before, Le Petit Journal should not be the only source of news one gets. However, if you are looking for a news show that will make you laugh while still giving you the important news from around the world, Le Petit Journal is perfect.

You can watch episodes of Le Petit Journal here.

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