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Autumn in France: Alsace

Autumn: the crackling of leaves beneath my feet, the smell of fresh rain on the ground, the changing hues of leaves that add a different element to the city, the magical sight of beams of light peaking through trees,…

Gastronomie |

The wonder of French cheese

I’d had raclette before at home – cheese melted on little spoons, then poured over potatoes and meats – but the raclette at La Cloche à Fromage was on a whole new level.

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Le Petit Journal

I have become addicted to watching Le Petit Journal. Though this cannot be taken as a sole source of news, I love watching their different take on events and I love having a good laugh.

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French pastries galore

One thing that I love about France is being surrounded by so many good pastries. There is no way I could possibly try all of them in a lifetime!