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Course loads: USA vs France

This may seem completely normal for those who have gone through all of their university years here in France, but to me it sounds like complete insanity!

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Living French: the art of apartment hunting

I am getting a little tired after two weeks of visiting weird apartments, calling would-be roommates, and waiting for answers from them after their so-called ‘interview processes’. And, I’m getting a little tired of being told multiple times, « Je suis desolé, c’est déjà loué. »

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Les fêtes de Bayonne in France

The population of the small city soars to over one million and the residents go all out for les fêtes. There are events all around the city, ranging from free concerts to the famous Bull Run. Everyone wears red and white and the atmosphere is ripe with the party spirit.

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French Music Love – Part 2

For the life of me I cannot remember where I first heard of Aldebert. I am not sure if he was one of the artists I knew before coming to France for the first time or if he was one of the many I discovered over here, either at Fnac or through friends.

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French music love – Part 1

Ever since I started taking French classes back in high school I have been on the search for French music. My theory was that I would get to practise my French and learn about some cool new groups at the same time. I must admit that my taste in French music has not always been that great.

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Château la Coste

Château la Coste had the wonderful idea to combine art, architecture and wine on their property of over 125 hectares. Throughout the year one can explore the woods, hills, vineyards and olive trees and see the different seasons evolve in the beautiful region of Provence.

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In France sans voiture

Being in France as a language assistant is a little like being in a study-abroad program. I feel like I am just here visiting. There are so many things that I either have to buy again or I just have to go without.

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Mexican Food à la Francaise

One thing I miss over here in France is Mexican food. Coming from Southern California, Mexican food has always been a staple in my diet. A Mexican party was the perfect idea to quell the cravings I had been having. On the menu: burritos, guacamole, rice, refried beans, margaritas, and Coronas.