This summer, the terraces of the French capital are yours

Julie Smadja - 04/07/13 -

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The warm weather is finally here, and so it is time to make the most of the numerous Parisian terraces around. Find quiet everyday spots for a refreshing lunch break.

The vibrant historical cobblestone roads make up Paris’ charm. Parisians and tourists appreciate the monuments, but also the hidden terraces that call out to the senses, inviting you for some relaxation.

Historic courtyards of the French capital

Julie Smadja - 04/07/13 -
Dare to open the doors of the beautiful Parisian buildings to take advantage of a pleasant moment away from passersby. The facades leave no room for you to imagine the surprising spaces that hide behind.

In Le Marais, sublime interior courtyards await you. You might like the one at the Institut Tessin for a short break. Continuing your visit, gaze at the neoclassical circular structures housed by the elegant courtyard of the Dome du Marais.

And so you don’t miss anything of these gems, take a walk towards the Maison de l’Architecture, an old monastery dating from 1619, which has been transformed into a multipurpose area.

Perfect views of Paris

Julie Smadja - 04/07/13 -

If views matter to you, you will be satisfied by the numerous terraces that unveil Paris and its monuments from a different angle.

Let your eyes enjoy the view while you savour a culinary specialty. Open them wide: you are facing Notre Dame. Cross the Pont de l’Archevêché to the beat of the Parisian musicians to take your best snapshots. Take the time to relax on one of the barges that it overlooks.

Continue your cultural walk to Montmartre where the painters create a unique atmosphere. Discover the Place du Tertre where the ambiance of the open-air cafes is reminiscent of the Belle Epoque in France.

Fashionable French laneways

Julie Smadja - 04/07/13 -
The cobblestone streets have a unique charm where our footsteps are guided by the hope of finding a hidden terrace.

La rue Mouffetard and its neighbouring alleys, one of the oldest in the city, house numerous restaurants and stores where you can find some peace and taste French specialties.

The Ile Saint-Louis is also full of small streets with charming terraces, enticing you for a meal. If your footsteps lead you into the historical Les Halles, you will have a wide choice of bars and restaurants loved by Parisians for its spaces reserved for pedestrians.

During your walk, be ready to be surprised by these terraces where the historical merges with the contemporary. Whether it be for brunch, lunch, a snack or dinner, there is something for all tastes and budgets.

Find your adventurous side and discover more must-see places – then share your findings with us in the comments below.

What is your favourite Parisian quarter in summer?

Translation by Kenaira Inot.
Image credits:
1. Rue Mouffetard, via Wikimedia.
2. Place du Tertre, Montmartre, by aj82 via Flickr.
3. Le Kioske Flottant, by Julie Smadja. 
4. Rue du Pot-de-Fer, via Wikimedia.

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  1. Esme Wakefield Jul 26, 2013 at 6:02 AM - Reply

    Merci Julie – j’ai quelques idées pour ma prochaine visite à Paris.
    Moi, j’aime les parcs parisiens en été – soit parc Monceau, soit le jardin du Luxembourg ou des Plantes. Une balade sous le soleil de juin me tente toujours!

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