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Just one place left for you: Paris ‘Intimate Gatherings & Indulgences’ event series – 22 to 29 September

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It feels as if our May Intimate Gatherings and Indulgences event series in Paris happened only yesterday… but here we are again – there are only a few places left at our September events!

They will be held between 22 and 29 September 2013, and we’d love to see you there.

Can you guess which fabulous venues we’ll be discovering & experiencing in September?

Which famous chefs and restaurateurs will we meet? … Your member-only invitation will reveal all!

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If you would like to attend our next event series ‘Intimate Gatherings and Indulgences’ in Paris please:

Not a member yet? Get started by clicking the red button at the top right of the page – it’s a simple process to become a part of our community and join the fun! What’s more, it’s free.

Haven’t received your invitation yet? Be sure to let us know.

We hope to see you soon!

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So what does a MaVieFrançaise® event look like? Explore the fabulous venues and meet the members who attended – discover exciting new and famous old restaurants, bars and beautiful venues as a member!
Discover and experience different venues each of our Intimate Gatherings & Indulgences event series! 
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1 & 4. Judy MacMahon.
2 & 3. Carina Okula.
5 & 7. Cynthia Chavez.
6. Gail Boisclair.

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