How to add Google Authorship to your My French Life™ writer profile


Want more people to find and read your articles? Then you’ll want to add Google+ to your My French Life™ profile!

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Why should I bother?

But I don’t have a Google account…

I’ve already got a Google account. What should I do?

Set it up in two steps

Why should I bother?

Toute simplement : you’re more likely to get more readers. They’re already searching Google for articles just like yours! Help them find you by adding Google Authorship to:


– Put you higher up in search results.

– Add your profile pic next to your article (called ‘rich snippet’) – this will make you stand out even more.

If you don’t believe us, check out this statistic from the Kissmetrics blog:

“According to one study on the impact of rich snippets on traffic, the number of clicks increased by 150% once the rich snippet was added. This is one of those opportunities to give yourself an almost unfair advantage in Google.”

But I don’t have a Google account…

Pas de problème ! It’s easy to set up.

– You can either create a new Google account and get a Gmail address and a number of other perks…

– Or use your current email address to sign-up (one that’s not hosted on Gmail).

Go here to get started:

I’ve already got a Google account. What do I do?

C’est facile. Just log in to Google, and click the small link in the top right-hand corner that says ‘YourName+’. For example:




We recommend you read this Google+ 15-minute Jumpstart Guide if you’d like to discover the basics, or need more convincing that it’s worth your while.

Set it up in two steps

Step one: add My French Life™ to your list of publications on Google+.

1. On Google+, click ‘Home’ to the left of your screen. A drop-down menu will appear. Click profile.

2. Along the top of your profile, there will be a new menubar. Click the first item: ‘About’.

3. Scroll down to the ‘Links’ panel. You’ll see a heading here that says ‘Contributor to’. This is where you’ll be adding My French Life™! Scroll down a little further and click ‘Edit’.

4. In the next pop-up, scroll to the bottom of the ‘Contributor to’ section and click ‘Add custom link’.

5. In the label box, type: My French Life™ – Ma Vie Française®.

6. In the URL box, paste the URL of your My French Life™ writer page**.

** Not sure what it is? Visit the Correspondents and Photographers page, find your name, and click on it. This next page is your writer page! Copy the URL from here. For example, this is my page.

7. Click ‘save’ and you’ll be taken back to your ‘About’ page. My French Life™ should appear in your list of publications!

Step two: add your Google+ link to your My French Life™ author profile.

1. Login to My French Life™, and you’ll be taken straight to your profile page.

cursor2. In the ‘About me’ box, add a phrase that says something like: “Find me on Google+”.

3. Select ‘Google+’ and click the chain icon in the menu bar to add a link.

4. Paste the URL of your Google+ profile into the ‘URL’ section.

Your Google+ URL will look something like this:

5. Before you add this link… insert ?rel=author at the end of the URL.

It’ll look un peu like this:

Now you can add this link.

6. Save your profile!

Done – félicitations !

Need help? We’d be happy to assist you. Just send us the link to your Google+ profile.

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