Dream jobs: Cécile Rummler, insider at W Hotel Paris – Opéra

Cécile Rummler - Dream job - My French Life™If you could choose any dream job, what would yours be?

What if you could be the ultimate Parisian insider: your finger on the pulse at all times. It probably isn’t the dream job you’re imagining, but we all know that the truth can often be more fascinating than fiction…

Come with us as we meet the concierges of some of Paris’ most exclusive, luxurious and sought-after hotels.

This time, we meet with Cécile Rummler of W Hotel Paris – Opéra to talk dream jobs, and details of daily life in one of le plus chic hotels in the French capital.

Cécile how would you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, curious and I hope special!

How would you describe the difference between a concierge and an insider?

It is very simple. A concierge is reactive, which means that if you need something right away, the concierge will be the one to take care of that, however, the insider is more proactive. I always email the guests before they arrive at W Paris – Opéra, introducing myself and letting them know what is happening right now in Paris. I come to the guests; the guests are not coming to me – that is the main difference between an insider and a concierge.

Courtesy-W-Hotel-Paris-Opera - Cécile Rummler - Dream job - My French Life™

I also keep in touch with the other W Hotel insiders in Barcelona, Mexico, Hong-Kong etc. because we have a lot of guests who are huge fans of the W and who base their travels on the different locations of our hotel. So, in order to make their trip more special and comfortable, we insiders, communicate with each other informing what that guest likes or doesn’t like.

When it comes to dream jobs, was yours always working in a hotel as a ‘super’ concierge? What was your pathway to this position?

First I was in a business school learning a lot about advertising. I then moved to Mexico City and stayed there for four years. I started working in hospitality there by being a waitress, working at the front desk and also being a concierge. After having spent four years there, I moved back to Paris and started working at the W. I am a huge fan of the W and when I knew a W was opening in Paris, I made it my goal to get some kind of job there!

I met with the W Paris – Opéra general manager who told me to apply for the insider post. I did some research, I applied and I got the job!

What do you regard as the perks of working in a luxury hotel such as the W?


I never have one day that looks like a previous one – everyday is different, which is what I love. I meet people from Korea, the Middle-East, Italy etc. who do not expect the same thing out of me, so I adapt. I love meeting new people, sharing my knowledge and giving our guests the best experience they can have.

If you had to attribute a colour to W Paris-Opéra, which one would you choose and why? 

Hot pink because W it is very glamorous, dynamic and vibrant. Hot pink has a strong personality, and brings out a lot of confidence, which is what the W has.

Cécile, you worked at the front desk at the Hotel Brick in Mexico City. How would you compare your experience working in a hotel in Mexico with your job as an insider here in Paris?

Both are completely different especially the clientele. Paris has a lot more variety in terms of tourists whereas Mexico City attracts mostly Americans. That was the biggest difference.

As the W Insider, Cécile knows all the hottest places for very top of your Parisian to-do list: discover her tips and secrets.

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All images courtesy W Hotel Paris – Opéra.

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