Our favourite French lifestyle blog posts – Paris

It's not procrastination... Our favourite French lifestyle blog posts - ParisOh, we could wile so many hours away on our favourite Paris blogs… From French lifestyle to fashion, food and beyond – there’s no end to our fascination.

While such diversions are usually a guilty pleasure, we decided to make the most of this one. So, we’ll be bringing you our favourite French lifestyle blog posts to savour and salivate over.

These Paris insiders share their tips, secrets and know-how, as well as some beautiful photographs, experiences and Paris moments…

Fashion in the City of Light

Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne - Gary Pepper Vintage - © Carin Olsson - Our favourite French lifestyle blog posts - Paris - My French LifeNicole Warne is one of Australia’s most successful fashion bloggers. 

Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana can’t seem to get enough of her, and she flies internationally to work as a model, stylist and creative director. Nicole doesn’t live in Paris, but she visits often.

We just couldn’t resist sharing this particular post with you, featuring photos by the lovely Carin Olsson (who was featured in the last edition of this column).

These photographs show a classic Parisian street in it’s best light. And Nicole’s yellow Ted Baker dress is simply stunning. “Escaping reality, dreaming of Paris.”

See the photos here…

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Fanatical about French language


Laura K Lawless - French.about.com - Our favourite French lifestyle blog posts - ParisLaura K. Lawless is fanatical about French language.

She is the author of several French language books, a freelance translator, and the guide for french.about.com.

In this post Laura shares her very timely tips – seeing as it’s thanksgiving – on how to express gratitude. For these tips we say, merci beaucoup Laura!

“There are many different ways to express gratitude in French, from a simple thank you to ultra-polite expressions of appreciation. Learn how to thank everyone for everything with this list of expressions related to gratitude.”

Read more here…

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The ultimate French foodie

The Paris Kitchen 

Wendy Lynn - The Paris Kitchen - Our favourite French lifestyle blog posts - Paris - My French LifeWendy Lyn is the ultimate foodie insider.

Having lived in Paris for 20 years where she has worked as a consultant with the top chefs in the world, Wendy is duly dubbed the insider’s insider.

Familiar with the producers, regions and seasons influencing French food, Wendy shares the latest news, reviews and guides on ‘hidden gems’ in the city of Paris.

In this post she reveals what lies inside the cover of eight new French Food reads.

“I should call this ‘shameless plugs for friends with books!’ See what I love about each and where you can find a copy in English and/or French.”

Read more here…

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There’s no place like home

Paris Daily Photo

Eric Tenin, Paris Daily Photo blog - www.myfrenchlife.org copyEric Tenin is a true Parisian.

Born and bred in la belle ville he seems to know the city inside out. Luckily for us he is willing to share his city.

On his blog, Paris Daily Photo, Eric uploads one photo a day of the city during his everyday life; from photos of well-known monuments to hidden spots which are off the beaten track, and each one of them stunning.

In this snapshot Eric has captured a winter’s morning in Paris, coffee outside of a Montmartre cafe.

“After a week in Denver, which I enjoyed very much, it’s time to go back home! When you read this I’ll be on the plane to Paris, but I doubt I’ll be able to take my morning coffee on the terrace of a Montmartre café, as the weather forecasts show that it’s going to be very cold! I took this one right before my departure and I saved it for my return as I think it’s a very Parisian scene…”

See the photo here…

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A dark tale of sweet and savoury


Mimi Thorrison - Our favourite French lifestyle blog posts - Paris - My French LifeMimi Thorisson has twisted our arm – her blog is just too good not to be included in this month’s round-up even though she doesn’t actually live in Paris… (We admit, there was no arm-twisting required.)

She lives in Médoc with her children, her husband and their fourteen dogs! On her blog ‘Manger’ Mimi shares tales of her life in Paris along with some mouth-watering recipes.

In this post she narrates a sweet story about her little boy who gives his father black radishes in the hope that he falls asleep before he can eat any of the delicious mendiants that Mimi had just made. Thankfully, she also includes the recipe for these sweet treats.

“If Sunday afternoon had been a Grimm’s adventure this is what would have happened: a cunning sorceress (me) would have seduced a tall, dark-haired (read grey) and gullible man (my husband) into gathering some delicious fruits and nuts and bringing them to her house in the forest. She would have asked him to crack open all the nuts and almonds and in return she would promise to share with him the sinfully good chocolate mendiants she was planning to make.”

Read more here…

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Have we missed a fabulous French blog post this month? Tell us in the comments box below!

Image credits:
1. Nicole Warne, by Carin Olsson via Gary Pepper.
2. Laura K Lawless, via My French Life.
3. Photographer, via I Prefer Paris.
4. Wendy Lyn, via The Paris Kitchen.
5. Mimi Thorisson, by Oddur Thorisson via Manger.

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