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Welcome to our special training program – only for writers we love.

You submit some great content to our magazine, and we really appreciate all the hard work you put into each submission! So, we’d like to return the favour, and show how much we care.


Well, we’d love to work with you to make sure your articles are read, appreciated and shared by as many people as possible. We want to be sure your efforts are worthwhile. After all, writing for the web these days is a tricky beast – we just want to make your content the best it can be.

What will you have to do? 

It won’t require any extra time beyond reading a few extra emails, and considering a few different things when writing articles. We hope that overall it will make for deeper, better and more shareable content.

First, what we’ve been doing with writers is putting their ideas onto a new content plan (we can do this for you) and then provide two main areas of guidance:

1. The angle, focus and format

We want to make sure articles are of value to our audience; that they offer depth and insight that will make someone glad they clicked through!

2. An introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We’ll introduce you to your first lesson on SEO focusing on links (internal and external) and key words.

Internal links (links to other articles on our site) and external links (links to high quality external sites) allow readers to explore a topic in more depth if they’d like to – this is something Google takes into account when it decides which articles should rank higher than others in search results.

After we’ve explained links we’ll talk through how to find the most relevant key words for your article and use them to the best effect.

Alors, we completely understand that you have other commitments and don’t want to put you under any pressure. But if you’d be happy to continue, or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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