Team member daily report sample

Hi Judy and Hannah,

Below is my daily report for DATE:

Performance Reports:

I completed the monthly and weekly performance reports and posted them to Slack. I have started investigating the high bounce level and the reasons behind the change in the alexa global ranking.

Next week:

I will be adding to this by doing a small report on social media like I did in Slack yesterday, noting bounce rate, time on site, visits. I will be plotting this information in a graph as well.

Audit of Sign-up emails/Monitoring new users

I have started organising the new inbox. I have started cross-checking the new members with the WordPress database, started monitoring rate of sign-up and for odd behaviour such as immediate lost passwords.

Still to do:

I am going to be writing a report on the action in this inbox each week on Fridays so I am in the process of working out how I will do that.

I am going to write a draft email which, once it is organised, will be sent to those who lose their passwords immediately.

Mailchimp Subscriber Database:

  • I exported the new subscribers, tidied up their names and imported back into Mailchimp.
  • I manually sorted some into the incorrect/incomplete first or last name segment.
  • I am updating my ‘how to’ for this as I go.
  • I updated the Mailchimp subscriber master list.

Still to do:

I am going to set up two new segments for new subscribers who have and haven’t opened their welcome email and start investigating that.

Formatting articles:

I have started formatting ARTICLE & LINK


Best wishes,


Headings you’re likely to use:

  • Inbox – drafts
  • Formats
  • Sub-edits
  • Publishing
  • Social media
  • Writing

And don’t forget to clearly note ‘Things still to do’ which will include everything you have that is still outstanding in full or part.

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