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Ultimate guide to using Trello – Content Ideas Board

Content Ideas Board

This board is for:

  • Contributor
  • Content Crafter
  • Coordinator Extraordinaire

The ‘Content Ideas’ board is located within the ‘ – Internal Content’ organisation.

In this board, we’ll list prospective content ideas and allocate these to contributors.

The board is divided in 3 lists:

1. Not yet approved:

If you come across an interesting article, link, idea, etc, feel free to add them to this list. Give a short description of what the article could be and provide links.

The internal team will then review the suggestions, and add them to the next list when they’re ready.

2. Approved & up for grabs:

In this list, you’ll find ideas for articles. If an idea interests you, let us know, and you’ll be allocated this article.

3. Allocated for writing:

When an article has been allocated to a writer, it’ll be moved this last list. It’ll also be copied to the writer’s content calendar.

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