Ultimate guide to using Trello – Inhouse Content Board

Inhouse Content Board

This board is for:

  • Content Crafter
  • Coordinator Extraordinaire

The ‘NAME – Inhouse Content’ board is located within the ‘MyFrenchLife.org – Internal Content’ organisation.

In this board we’ll list prospective ideas, articles, and keep track of your work, as an inhouse writer.

How to use this board?

This board is divided into 5 lists:

  • Ideas/pitches – here new content ideas can be discussed. You can pitch ideas by making a new card:
    • Give it a title,
    • Then outline the angle/focus/topic/theme in the ‘description’. Let us know it’s been added so we can have a look!
  • Once ideas are finalised and we’ve settled on a submission date, we’ll move them to Scheduled Content.
    • You’ll notice the cards in this list all have ‘due dates’. This is where you can see what you should be working on and when the deadline is.
  • Then each card moves through to Submitted, Sub-edited, Ready for WP, etc. We’ll add more lists later when you’re formatting/editing your own content in WP!

Once you’re ready to submit an article:

  • Upload your Word Document to the specific card
  • And move it to ‘Submitted’.
  • Send us a Slack message in the #content channel to let us know it’s there.
  • Use the ‘comments’ function in Trello to make any comments about the article you’d like to!


  • Make sure you’re updating your Trello board regularly.
  • Be sure you’re responding to our comments on your cards. We might provide important info regarding keywords, and extra links/sources.
  • Do not remove any cards.


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I'm a Belgian born and raised, educated in Belgium and in The Netherlands, and Melbourne-based intern at My French Life. My dream job would be combining food, travels, literature, and photography - I'm trying to make that happen!

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