Travel in France like a local: Mariannig Ferrari’s favourite places in Paris & Corsica

Marrianig Ferrari - How to live like a local home owner in France - - NomadorTheres nothing quite like an expert travel guide – and when it comes to sharing favourite spots to travel in France, we couldnt think of anyone better than Nomador founder Mariannig Ferrari!

Read on to discover her favourite spots in Corsica and Paris – she has an eclectic and exciting mixture of favourite spots in both locations, from the luxe to the novelty, and everywhere in between…

Travel in France with the ultimate insider

As the founder of Nomador, my life right now is being shared between Brittany and Paris, and sometimes Sydney.

And twice a year I find myself in the Agriates desert in North Corsica, where my favourite office is not the most comfortable but certainly the most beautiful and peaceful! Close to the coastal path that starts in Saint Florent and leads you to the desert beaches of Lotto or Saleccia…

My favourite addresses in Corsica…

MyFrenchLife™ - Mariannig favourite places - Saint Florent

If you go to Saint Florent, don’t miss the ‘Campo di Monte’ in Murato! I love going there, you’ll have genuine Corsican charcuterie from the village, delicious stew (the owner raises her own veal), and zucchini fritters that you’ll never find elsewhere! I always enjoy going there because it is really genuine Corsican food, in an authentic old farm with a fabulous stunning view over the mountains. But don’t share the address too much and don’t forget to call in advance because all locals who know the place go there!

And in Paris…

In Paris there are so many places … but I’m happy to share one I’ve recently discovered. Easy to find (close to la Place Vendôme), it’s the inner patio at Hôtel Westin. It’s a very nice place for a rendez-vous with a friend in Paris, easy central access and a quiet and peaceful place where you can also have a cup of tea to chat with a friend you haven’t seen for long.

MyFrenchLife™ - Mariannig's favourites - Westin Paris

Now, if you are in Paris and want an easy to prepare and well-balanced meal, one of my favorites is Boco near Opera. Named after « bocaux », (same pronunciation as « boco », we say « un bocal », plural « des bocaux »), the plural for French ‘glass jar’. And that’s exactly what it is : you buy a take-away meal in a « bocal ». The recipes are invented by famous French cooks, like Anne-Sophie Pic – a fabulous woman (three stars in Guide Michelin!). Worth trying I promise!

To drink: There are terrasses everywhere! I don’t really have a favourite; my pleasure is just to sit down anywhere whenever I am thirsty, tired or just want to look at people… but there’s a place that’s also worth the trip if you want to see a different place: the bar at Chalet des Iles in the Bois de Boulogne. Magical, different… you just escape for a little while.

To relax: Le Jardin des Plantes – it’s Paris’ Botanical Garden, so beautiful, so peaceful. And if you have children, you can upload and prepare treasure hunts on this page!

MyFrenchLife™ - Mariannig's favourites - bois de boulogne

To play: I haven’t tried this one yet, but a friend of mine told me it’s really great! The concept is developing in several French towns. You participate in a huge treasure hunt, you learn a lot, you laugh, you make friends and you have to speak French! An idea to explore if you are alone in Paris, isn’t it? Or, if you’re not alone, a good opportunity to laugh together.

If you want to find treasure hunts in French regions, they are suggested by Tourism Offices in several regions, for instance here is mine (the concept is called ‘geo-caching’ and many locals participate).

Have you ever visited Corsica? What were your favourite things to do there, or in Paris? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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Image credits:
1. Saint Florent- Haute Corse by russavia via Wikimedia.
2. Restaurant at the Westin Paris by Jeff Scroggin , via Flickr.
3. Kiosque de l’Empereur Bois de Boulogne Paris by Moonik, via Wikimedia.

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  1. Ellen Burns Jan 28, 2015 at 10:22 AM - Reply

    What great recommendations Mariannig!
    Campo di Monte and Boco both sound amazing and I love the idea of treasure hunts as a way to really explore and discover a place. I would hope that my French is good enough to get me through, but it would be a test!

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